Two Lebanese martyrs in Israeli strike on car in southern Lebanon

An Israeli drone strike targeted a car traveling on the Bazouriyeh-Borj al-Shamali road in the Tyre district, southern Lebanon, this strike resulted in the martyrdom of two Lebanese Resistance fighters.

Israeli attacks are ongoing in southern Lebanon, as the National News Agency reported that an Israeli aircraft targeted a house in Marwahin on Saturday. The agency noted that the house had been targeted more than once during the recent period.

Earlier today, the Israeli occupation launched artillery shells directed at the outskirts of Tair Harfa and al-Jabain. This is happening as the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon – Hezbollah – persists in targeting positions and gatherings of occupation forces along the occupied Lebanese-Palestinian border, resulting in direct casualties.

Hezbollah announced that its fighters successfully targeted a gathering of Israeli occupation soldiers near the Hunin Castle and the Zarit Barracks using missile weapons, affirming a direct hit.

Earlier on Friday, Hezbollah confirmed that its fighters carried out three operations against Israeli sites and gatherings of the Israeli occupation soldiers on the border between Lebanon and occupied Palestine.

In a statement, Hezbollah reiterated that the operations come in support of the resilient Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and in solidarity with their brave and honorable Resistance. On that note, Israeli media underlined that the situation at the Lebanese border area with occupied Palestine is “extremely difficult”, stressing that it would grow more difficult as time goes on.

With the ongoing resistance operations, settlers in the north have expressed frustration with the Israeli government due to its failure to address the threat posed by Hezbollah.

On a related note, the Israeli Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported on Thursday that Israeli losses on the northern front are on a seamless uptick as the fighting continues and amid an increase in displacement from the Israeli settlements near the Lebanese borders.

Ynet, the newspaper’s online portal, reported that fear of Hezbollah’s firepower has caused extensive financial damages to northern settlers, because they are unable to work on the occupied farmland. According to the Israeli outlet, the losses amount to 500 million shekels ($131 million).

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