Ukrainian authorities arrested fleeing Egyptian brotherhood member convicted for his involvement with violence and terrorism in Egypt.

Ukrainian authorities arrested fleeing Egyptian brotherhood member convicted for his involvement in violence and terrorism in Egypt.

Egyptian sources told Arab Observer that the Ukrainian authorities arrested the fleeing Brotherhood Moataz Mohamed Rabie, who participated in violent and terrorist operations in the Fayoum governorate, and fled to Ukraine, where he settled there with the help of Brotherhood leaders, and is currently studying in College of Dentistry and married a Ukrainian citizen.

Fleeing brothers, Moataz Mohamed Rabie
Fleeing Moataz Mohamed Rabie

The authorities submitted an official memorandum through the International Interpol service, requesting him to arrest him, and hand him over to Cairo, to implement the judicial rulings issued against him.

Egyptian Brotherhood elements and leaders in Turkey revealed that the Ukrainian security services arrested the Muslim Brotherhood on Thursday afternoon at a train station in Poltava region, on charges of espionage and spreading religious ideas, asking the Ukrainian authorities not to deport or extradite him to Cairo.

Egyptian-Ukrainian negotiations

The Brotherhood called on international organizations to put pressure on the Ukrainian authorities to prevent the surrender of the fleeing brothers, announcing that negotiations are currently taking place between the Egyptian and Ukrainian sides to hand over the young Brotherhood to Cairo, in exchange for Egypt’s consent to handing a Ukrainian citizen in custody of him, named Edward Chikos, arrested in Cairo in March 2012. , On charges of participating in riots.

Egypt had received 5 members of the Brotherhood fleeing to Malaysia who were involved in violence, riots and convicted in cases of violence.

Fleeing brothers, Moataz Mohamed Rabie
Fleeing Moataz Mohamed Rabie

Brotherhood leaders residing in Turkey revealed the identity of 4 of them: Abd al-Rahman Abd al-Aziz Ahmad Mustafa, Abdullah Muhammad Hisham Mustafa, Muhammad Abd al-Aziz Fathi Eid, and Azmi al-Sayyid Muhammad Ibrahim, their families sought help from the Brotherhood leaders in Turkey, Qatar and Malaysia to stop their deportation to Egypt for fear Being imprisoned.

The Malaysian authorities arrested these among 20 other members of the Brotherhood for violating the rules and laws of residence in the country, but the Brotherhood leaders residing in Turkey brokered to keep only 16 of these on the pretext that they belonged to the group, and announced their acquittal of the other four, claiming that they belonged to militant groups.

Violent internal tremor
The Brotherhood was subjected to a violent internal shock more than a year ago, after the Turkish authorities deported the young man, Mohamed Abdel Hafeez, who was sentenced to death in the case of the assassination of the Egyptian Public Prosecutor.

The Kuwaiti authorities announced the arrest of a terrorist cell affiliated with the Brotherhood, whose members hold Egyptian nationality, and issued court rulings of up to 15 years.

A large number of youth and elements of the fleeing Brotherhood in Turkey directed appeals to the leaders of the group to interfere with the Kuwaiti authorities and prevent the extradition of the cell elements to Egypt. They also called for launching global campaigns through international and regional human rights organizations to pressure Kuwait and prevent their deportation, claiming that their deportation takes place for political rather than criminal reasons. .

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