UN mission in Libya calls for immediate investigation with Al-Sarraj about the excessive use of force by security against demonstrators in Tripoli

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya called on the Libyan leaders to engage in a comprehensive political dialogue, and also called for an immediate and comprehensive investigation into the excessive use of force by security personnel loyal to the Government of National Accord in Tripoli yesterday, against the demonstrators in the capital, Tripoli.

The motive behind these demonstrations is the feeling of frustration with the continuing poor living conditions, electricity and water cuts, and the lack of services throughout the country.”

The mission stressed that “it is high time the Libyan leaders to engage in a comprehensive political dialogue, as was announced last week.”

Earlier, the Minister of the Interior of the Libyan Government of National Accord, Fathi Bashagha, said on Twitter that the ministry “protects the right to demonstrate and responds to every transgressor against private and public property or threatening the security of the state.” .

He continued: “The infiltrators are not the demonstrators, but those who appeared as security men, and they are an outlaw group, who fired,” noting that “the results of the investigations will be referred to the presidency of the government and the Public Prosecution.”

Sources reported that demonstrations, burning tires, and road closures in the capital, Tripoli, continued on Sunday night, while Al-sarraj groups carried out a widespread campaign of arrests in the neighborhoods of the capital against demonstrators who are demanding the departure of Al-Sarraj and the Government of National Accord.

Eyewitnesses reported that mercenaries supported by Turkey opened fire on the demonstrators in the capital, Tripoli, and that the “steadfastness” formations stormed the city of Al-Asabah and carried out a campaign of arrests.

On Sunday, the capital, Tripoli, and several cities witnessed angry popular protests denouncing the deteriorating living conditions of the citizen and corruption.

For its part, the UN mission in Libya called for an end to the escalation in Tripoli, and demanded freedom of movement and access to health facilities.

In turn, the Libyan National Committee for Human Rights called on the Government of National Accord to stop the force against the demonstrators, considering it a crime to shoot at the demonstrators.

It is noteworthy that demonstrations erupted recently this month in several cities in western Libya, including Sabratha, Zawiya and Surman, in protest against the deteriorating living conditions, high prices and lack of job opportunities.

Arab Observer

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