UNICEF: Over 1,000 Children in Gaza Have had One or Two Legs Amputated

UNICEF's Director says that over 1,000 children in Gaza have had their legs amputated as a result of the intense Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip and its civilian population.

James Elder, the Director of UNICEF, stated that over 1,000 children in Gaza underwent amputations of one or both legs as a result of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

Relief workers from around the world, who visited the Gaza Strip, highlighted the profound human tragedy faced by over 2.3 million Palestinians who are struggling to fulfill fundamental requirements for survival.


In light of the worsening health crisis attributed to the Israeli siege and the acute scarcity of medical resources, UNICEF clarified that medical professionals in Gaza find themselves compelled to conduct amputations. These procedures are not only carried out without anesthetics but also involve swift operations conducted outside formal health facilities, further exacerbated by the absence of palliative medications.

An official from UNICEF emphasized that, despite children recovering from amputations, they still face the constant threat of death due to Israeli bombings.


Conditions within hospitals ‘untenable’

Dr. Margaret Harris, the spokesperson for the organization, mentioned that employees of the World Health Organization in Gaza are unable to move between emergency departments in the hospitals of the Strip. This is due to the overcrowding of medical facilities with individuals who are wounded, ill, and displaced as a result of the ongoing aggression.

She characterized the conditions within hospitals as “untenable,” expressing disbelief that the world permits such ongoing suffering. She underscored that the sick and wounded are enduring intense pain and are in desperate need of food and water.

On the 87th day of the war in Gaza, the occupation forces escalated their raids across various regions of the Gaza Strip. The intensity of the attacks was particularly pronounced in Khan Younis in the south and Jabalia al-Balad in the north.

Additionally, the neighborhoods of Gaza City, including al-Daraj, al-Tuffah, and Qizan Rashwan, as well as central areas like the Nuseirat camp and the vicinity of Abu Daoud Mosque, witnessed heightened military actions, leading to an increase in the number of casualties and fatalities.

The toll from the ongoing war surpassed 21,978 martyrs and 57,697 injuries, with the majority being children and women. Additionally, there are thousands of individuals unaccounted for, presumed trapped under the rubble—a toll that seems immeasurable.

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