Video: 28 pro-Turkey mercenaries killed in the past two days during battles in Tripoli against LNA

Sources told The Libyan Address Journal that 28 pro-Turkey mercenaries were killed while fighting for the Tripoli-based Government of “National Accord” in the past two days.

The mercenaries were killed in armed confrontations against the Libyan National Army in the southern neighborhoods of Tripoli after the Turkish government brought them to reinforce the ranks of the GNA forces, as many young people in Tripoli refused to participate in the fighting in the ranks of extremist groups allied to the Sarraj government from Misrata and Zawiya.

Video footage obtained by the military media of the Libyan National Army from the camera of a pro-Turkey Syrian mercenary fighting within the ranks of the National Accord Government. The video shows part of the extermination of these mercenaries by the LNA in the Salah al-Din axis.

Arab Observer

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