2022 Brings “Brotherhood Organization” to the path of rapid disintegration

2022 witnessed great failures and losses by the Brotherhood organization throughout its existence, and it lost its ability to have more supporters through using media in many countries, also they witnessed internal crisis as thier leaders fighting for positions and they brought new fronts put the organization on the path of disintegration rapid.

Dr. Amr Al-Shobaki, an expert at Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, said that 2022 is the year of divisions among Brotherhood organizatio.

3 Fronts
Al-Shobaki stressed that what is happening to the organization is an extension of what happened in 2013, which is the continuation of the bad path and the political failure of the Brotherhood, without trying to identify it’s mistakes and provide a critical review.

Al-Shobaki poinited out that the current division in the organization into 3 fronts will continue in the new year, without being able to dominate and control the reins of the group, nor will any front be able to return it to influence the public sphere again.

The expert at Al-Ahram Center explained that the crisis the Brotherhood organization this time is structural and unprecedented, pointing that the differences between the various fronts are deep and affect the moral aspect.

After its isolation in Egypt
Despite the enormity of the losses incurred to the Brotherhood during the year 2022 and the confusion it went through, Dr. Hisham Al-Najjar, an expert in the affairs of political Islam movements, says that 2013 remains the most difficult year for the organization, after its isolation from power in Egypt, which led to a continuation of its crises in all countries of the region, and it’s presence in Europe.

Al-Najjar added: Then comes the year of the Gulf-Qatari reconciliation, and the Egyptian-Qatari rapprochement that followed, and then this year 2022, which witnessed a shift in Egyptian-Turkish relations, and the historic handshake between the Egyptian and Turkish presidents, in addition to the deepening crisis of the group’s divisions and its ramifications with the emergence of a third front. It is the Kemalists’ front, in reference to the Brotherhood’s Muhammad Kamal, who was killed in 2016, in an exchange of fire with the Egyptian security forces.

The year 2022 witnessed the entry of the “third front” into the line of conflict between the fronts of London (followers of Ibrahim Munir) and Istanbul, led by Mahmoud Hussein, which deepened the conflicts.

The “Third front”, or the so-called “Movement of Change”, which is the organization’s third front, held in mid-October, in Turkey, an exciting meeting.

Since it started by Muhammad Kamal follwers, the “front” chose to lead the violent front within the “organization”, from which the “Hasm” terrorist movement emerged, responsible for a number of terrorist operations inside Egypt, especially against the security forces.

Al-Najjar referred to the death of the acting general guide of the organization, Ibrahim Munir, one of the most prominent leaders of the organization abroad, considering that his departure is a big loss for the Brotherhood, given his organizational capabilities and relations with external agencies, which helped the international organization continue some of its activity from abroad, and take steps back to save the group and rebuild it again.


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