One of terrorist “Hasm” movement leaders arrested by the Egyptian security

In a severe blow to the Brotherhood and its armed weapons, Hossam Salam, the leader of the “Hasm” movement and founder of the movement, fell into the grip of Egyptian security before fleeing. in Turkey, according to what was announced by the same platforms of the Brotherhood on Thursday evening.

Brotherhood platforms claimed that Egyptian authorities arrested one of the founders of the group’s “Hasm” movement and brought him by a direct Sudanese plane. in Turkey and Wednesday evening made an emergency landing at Luxor airport.

Who is Hossam Salam?

He is a former student of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Menoufia, and was dismissed from the faculty in 2014 along with 9 other students in the group for a month for assaulting administrative staff, storming the office of the dean of the faculty and destroying his auto Faculty of Engineering and Auto n. “MI 8327”.

He participated in the founding of the “Hasm” movement and in the carrying out of several terrorist operations on behalf of the Brotherhood, including the attack on the former Mufti Ali Gomaa and the deputy prosecutor, Councilor Zakaria Abdel Aziz Othman, and the attack on the police and to the army officers.

In 2017, the investigative authorities ordered the arrest of 96 defendants members of the “Hasm” movement, who must be arrested and taken. in case of attempted murder of the deputy prosecutor, and included, in addition to Salam, some leaders of the Brotherhood in leak in Turkey, led by former MP Jamal Heshmat and artist Wajdi Al-Arabi, Ali Batikh, member of the group’s Shura Council, Magdy Shalash, member of the group’s supreme body, Amr Darraj, and former Ministry spokesman of Health Yahya Moussa.

Arrest and summons were issued against the defendants, in implementation of the indictment decision in case no. 64 of 2017, The crimes of Cairo, which includes 299 defendants, and in case no. 724 of 2016 and referred to the Military Tribunal no. 64 of 2017 offenses.

Brotherhood platforms had announced the arrest of Egyptian security for a senior leader of the group’s “Hasm” movement, which US authorities placed on terrorist lists before he fled. in Turkey from Sudan.

He said Egyptian authorities arrested one of the founders of the Hasm movement, Hossam Menoufy Mahmoud Salam, and brought him by a direct Sudanese plane. in Turkey and made an emergency landing at Luxor airport on Wednesday evening.

The departure dates back to the day before yesterday, Wednesday, at nine in point in the evening, when the Egyptian company Aeroporti announced that Luxor International Airport had allowed a Sudanese plane to make an emergency landing during its flight from the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, to Istanbul, in Turkey, with 138 passengers on board in addition to 8 crew members.

He said the pilot of the Sudanese Company Badr plane informed the air control tower of the existence of an emergency, and immediately the plane, a Boeing 737, was cleared to land and assigned a special lane. and all passengers were disembarked and transferred in one of the airport lounges and all the necessary facilities have been provided to them and the aircraft after activating the emergency plan Advances that are followed in those emergency events.

According to the Brotherhood platforms, the pilot of the plane informed the control tower as soon as it entered Egyptian airspace of a fire alarm, which requires an emergency landing, and after the disembarkation of the passengers and the review of their documents, 3 of them were brought via and questioned, while two of them were allowed to complete the flight, and the third, Hossam, was caught, Salam, and holds a passport number A25198975 from one of the security authorities.

On Thursday evening, the Brotherhood platforms announced the disappearance of one of the plane’s passengers, Hossam Salam, as he was arrested by security services at Khartoum Airport on Wednesday at the start of his arrival. in airport before he was allowed to board the plane bound for Turkey.

Interestingly, the US State Department announced in January last year the inclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Hasm” and “Sawaed” movements, and some of the organization’s most prominent leaders who fled. in Turkey, accused of planning and carrying out hundreds of terrorist operations in Egypt on the terrorist lists.


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