400+ Martyred, Injured in New Israeli Massacre in Jabaliya Camp, Gaza

The occupation destroyed dozens of residential units leading to more than 100 martyrs.

Martyrs have fallen en masse in a new massacre committed by the occupation forces against civilians in the vicinity of the Indonesian hospital in the northern Gaza Strip.

Our correspondent added that the surgical operations in the hospital are being performed without anesthetics. 

The casualties were transported to the Indonesian Hospital where they fell victim to another airstrike. 

According to Preliminary reports by the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, the number of martyrs in the massacre is more than 100, and the injured number more than 300.

The Israelis bombed the Jabalia camp in the Gaza Strip with 6 bombs, each carrying 1 ton of explosives, the Palestinian Interior Ministry in Gaza said.

The ministry added that the Israelis raised an entire neighborhood inside the Jabalia camp completely.

The ministry’s spokesperson stated in a press release that the Ministry of Health has received 2,000 reports of missing persons, including 1,100 children still under the rubble.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health revealed earlier today that the death toll from the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip has risen to 8,525 martyrs, including 3,542 children and 2,187 women, with 21,543 citizens injured with various injuries since October 7th.

He explained that the Israeli occupation “committed 18 massacres in the past hours, resulting in the deaths of 216 martyrs, most of whom were displaced to areas in the south of the Gaza Strip that the Israeli occupation claims are safe.”

This raises the number of massacres committed by the Israeli occupation against the families of the Gaza Strip to 926 massacres.

It was reported on Monday that Israeli airstrikes targeted the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital in Gaza, which is the only medical facility in the besieged territory specifically designated for cancer patients.

Israeli occupation forces has been persistently targeting hospitals in Gaza since the onset of the war. 

According to the hospital’s medical director, Mohammed Abu Nada, the area surrounding the hospital resembles a war zone, and the hospital faces constant threats of bombardment by “Israel”.

Abu Nada appealed to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, urging him to intervene and halt the Israeli aggression against the hospital and its patients.

The director-general of hospitals in the Gaza Ministry of Health stressed that the most pressing concern currently is the continuous shelling of hospitals and their surroundings.

Gaza Mayor Yahya al-Sarraj reiterated his warning about potential disease outbreaks and epidemics due to blocked sewage systems in some hospitals.

Concurrently, our correspondent reported that the Israeli warplanes bombed the vicinity of al-Quds Hospital, causing damage to multiple departments.

Furthermore, on October 17, an Israeli airstrike on al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City resulted in the loss of a minimum of 500 lives, leading to extensive international and Arab condemnations.

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