A new fatwa for the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen… Preparing for a wave of bloody terrorism

Brotherhood keeps their violations by mixing between religious and politics whenever they are hopeless.

A new fatwa (religious edict) wearing a religious cover to support political objective, this time issued by  what called Yemeni scientist Association, one of the entities affiliated to Brotherhood organization, and its political hand the “Islah party”.


The fatwa is adding more tension to the war in Yemen and preparing a new wave of bloody terrorism.


The statement or the “Fatwa” considered the Southern Transitional Council a “rebel entity”, which means a call for more killing and bloodshed.


The fatwa ignored what the religious statements should be “ forgiveness and wisdom thoughts”  they also adopted a tough political speech that aggravates the conflict.


The cover-up statement, under the religious “fatwa”, coincided with the fighting and conflict in the southern governorates of Yemen. The new fatwa is no different from the one preceded more than a quarter of a century that justified the 1994 North-South war.


The commission described the southerners as apostates of unity and authorized their fighting. Likewise, the commission now describes the south as a rebel and calls for dealing with them by force.


Al-Islah’s fatwa in Yemen has long history in Brotherhood’s takfir fatwa and killing offenders. It does not differ from the fatwas of the Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef al-Qaradawi, and before him Sayyid Qutb, and the rest of the groups that started from the Brotherhood organization, or adopted their misguided ideas.

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