A new mysterious message from Salah: “Don’t be like anyone wants.”

The Egyptian player and English Liverpool star, Mohamed Salah, sent a mysterious message to his followers on the Instagram platform containing excerpts from one of the books he was reading in the rehabilitation facility in order to recover from the injury.


Salah wrote a private message on his Instagram account, in which he said: “Its name is the hope inside you… because in reality, hope is already inside you… but it needs you to believe it and use it.”


He added: “Fourthly, this is the most important thing. Be yourself. Don’t be like anyone else. Don’t imprison yourself in the opinions of others. Don’t tailor yourself to anyone’s size. Those who want you are 47, those who want you are 39, and those who want you are 42.”


The Liverpool star continued: “Do not allow anyone to see themselves in you and try to achieve their personal dreams through you. Do not accept that anyone sees you as an extension of themselves, or their own investment project. Do not allow anyone to accept you on conditions, or love you on conditions, or respect you on conditions. You are yourself.” “And that’s it.”


Mohamed Salah was subjected to severe criticism from the Egyptian fans after the lackluster performance of the Pharaohs captain with the national team in the African Cup of Nations, in the first round, which the player did not complete due to injury in the second match against Ghana.


Criticism focused on Salah’s position after his injury, when he announced that he was leaving the national team camp for treatment in Liverpool.


The Egyptian national team was eliminated in the round of 16 after defeat by the Democratic Republic of Congo on penalties. 


A new mysterious message from Salah: “Don’t be like anyone wants.”

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