Abbas Turns Against The Palestinian Consensus

Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, returned to the direct meetings with Israel, and to return the Palestinian ambassadors to Abu Dhabi and Manama, it came without any change in the Israel or the UAE position.

The authority was content with a miserable message they received from Camille Abu Rukn, coordinator of the activities of the Israeli government in the occupied territories, serving as a liaison.


The first meeting between the Palestinian Authority and Israel was held on Thursday after the resumption of relations between them at the initiative of the Palestinians.


Observers believe that Abbas trying to satisfy himself after he failed to bring attention to his position in light of the rapid developments in the peace process. In addition, Abbas was unable to bear the decision to stop security and civil coordination with Israel and not to receive the funds from Palestinian tax revenues, which constitute about two-thirds of the Palestinian Authority’s budget, which caused a huge deficit.


Palestinian writer Majid Kayali says that this development raises several issues, including:

First, the leadership, in its decision to restore the relationship with Israel, has failed the decisions of the sessions of the Central Council (since its session held in 2015) and the National Council (in its 23rd session of 2018), related to reviewing the recognition of Israel and dissolving agreements signed with it. Including security coordination, as a sign of more confusion and exclusivity in decisions.


Secondly, this transformation failed with all that has been propagated about the reconciliation efforts and restoring the unity of the Palestinian political system, which explains the weakness of Fatah and Hamas meetings, and all Palestinian factions, Which was held, since last July), at home or in Beirut (3 September) or in Istanbul (late September), this explains the lack of seriousness in the formation of the so-called “Unified Command of Popular Resistance”, which called for demonstrations (on September 15) No one answered it.


Third, Palestinian Authority is dependent on the political conditions on which it was established from the beginning, and within that comes its dependence on sources of external funding, meaning that it was engineered from the ground up in such a way that it cannot do anything without relying on Israel or on political patronage. Finance from abroad.


Kayali added that the Palestinian leadership, instead of telling his people the truth about their situation, preferred to go towards re-promoting illusions about settlement agreements with Israel and US sponsorship for those agreements. What is obviously inferred from it is that its main concern is preserving its reality as an authority, even under the occupation authority.


He added, this development, although not new, supposed to enhance the awareness of the Palestinians, in all their places of existence, of the following: that they are now facing an authority in West Bank and Gaza, and not a national liberation movement, in West Bank and Gaza, each of them look for Itself, and this is how they deal with the Palestinian people.

Abbas announced On May 19, that the Palestinian Authority had become “no agreements with the American and Israeli governments,” including security coordination agreements, considering that Israel’s annexation of lands in West Bank undermines the chances of reaching peace.

Observers believe that the return of coordination was expected, as the Palestinian Authority is suffering from a lot of crisis, and it cannot go far in escalating it, being the most affected.


Israel decided last September to deduct $ 11.3 million from tax revenues (Makasa), in a punitive measure for the Palestinian Authority’s allocation of dues to detainees and martyrs’ families.


The Palestinian President seeks to exploit the results of the US elections and the loss of Donald Trump, to show that his return is linked to the fall of the US President’s projects, especially with regard to the status of Jerusalem and the deal of century. He is also betting that new president Joe Biden can change everything.


Observers confirm that the Palestinian President’s trust on Biden is hopeless. The new peace projects, Palestinian and Arab, will not be affected by Trump’s or Biden existence, Palestinians’ need strong leadership makes them benefit in any conditions.


Arab Observer

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