Al-Qudra: ‘Israel’ Sentencing 800,000 to Death in Northern Gaza

Gaza's physicians continue to see cases on a daily basis that prove that "Israel" is using internationally-banned weapons.

Ashraf Al-Qudra, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, announced in an interview with Al Mayadeen today, that the Israeli occupation is sentencing 800,000 people to death in the northern Gaza Strip as a result of the ongoing Israeli bombing, amid a collapsing health sector and absence of medical aid. 

He stated that the cases being seen by the medical team are a direct result of the occupation’s use of internationally banned non-conventional weapons.

In the northern Gaza strip, six Palestinians were killed and several others were injured by bullets from IOF troops stationed on the coastal road in the southwest of Gaza. 

As a result of the occupation targeting a house belonging to the Asalia family in the town of Jabalia, several Palestinians were martyred and others injured.

A massacre 

Israeli gunboats also fired dozens of rocket shells toward residents in the west of Gaza and Israeli warplanes bombed a house in Deir al-Balah camp. 

Al-Bureij and al-Maghazi camps were bombed by the occupation artillery leading to the death martyrdom of at least 20 Palestinians majority of whom are children, women, and elderly. 

Yesterday the Ministry of Health in Gaza revealed that during the past 24 hours, the Israeli war machine executed 12 massacres, killing 126 martyrs and injuring 241 Palestinians. Several victims are still buried beneath the rubble and others were left in the streets as medical rescue teams failed to reach the required locations. 

In the south, 15 Palestinians were martyred and dozens injured due to the Israeli warplanes bombing with a missile at a house belonging to the Nofal family. 

The latest death toll in Gaza is sitting at 23,084, while the number of wounded has reached 58,926, since October 7. 

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