AP Conceals Israeli Admission About Wanting to Starve Palestinians

The Associated Press wrote a report about Gaza waiting for humanitarian aid to pass into it from Egypt as the Israeli occupation continues blockading the strip while heavily bombarding it, killing its civilians, and not even allowing medical necessities into it.

The scarcity of medicine and other necessities has been forcing doctors to perform surgeries, even on children, without anesthesia, and the stifling blockade does not seem to be going anywhere, at least not from the Israeli side.

The AP said Gaza was waiting for aid to make it through the Rafah crossing amid ongoing negotiations between the Israeli occupation and Egypt as the occupier is trying to restrict the entry of fuel, food, and medicine into the blockaded territory.

Aside from the fact that the AP labeled literal airstrikes that targeted hospitals, schools, and churches as “explosions” instead of what they are – airstrikes, the report has been mired in a controversy unfolding on social media.

The report discusses victim blaming and concealment of the truth, as aforementioned with the airstrikes on civilian buildings and facilities and an entire part committed by the press agency.

The Associated Press had initially talked about how Israeli officials wanted to stop necessities such as water, food, medicine, and fuel from making it into the Gaza Strip, but that part was no longer there.

Two paragraphs, sandwiched between one talking about how the Israeli occupation agreed, as per a request made by US President Joe Biden, to let aid into Gaza from Egypt, and another talking about how “Israel” asserted that it would not allow anything into Gaza before the Resistance let go of the captives taken during Operation Al-Aqsa Flood.

Furthermore, two entire paragraphs talked about how US officials reported that there were concerns due to comments from Israeli officials saying they intended to deny the entry of water, food, medicine, electricity, and fuel into the Gaza Strip as they gloated about how civilian casualties were inevitable when it came to the military onslaught being unleashed on the 2.2 million people it is home to.

This blunder by the AP highlights the media bias that exists wherein the Palestinian Resistance is demonized for anything it does as the Israeli occupation admits to wanting to use tactics from World War II, and its statements are simply omitted from the media.

The report underlined parallels drawn by Israeli politicians and members of the security establishment between the so-called fight against Hamas and the fight against the Axis powers in World War II, namely the “eradication” of Hamas and the defeat of the latter.

It is not just any words: According to the AP, “One official said he and others were told by Israeli counterparts that ‘many innocent Germans died in WWII.'”

Another harrowing statement is where that same official also drew parallels to the deaths of Japanese civilians from the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki toward the end of WWII.

It is worth noting that the Israeli occupation has a stockpile of nuclear weapons, as admitted by former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, therefore the connotations behind those words are distressing at best.

Moreover, this comes after US investigative journalist Seymour Hersh reported that an Israeli national security veteran said that “Israel” was pondering whether to use a “Leningrad approach” to starve out “Hamas forces” in Gaza and avoid an invasion, something the source said may lead to the murder of nearly 100,000 civilians.

The Israeli source told Hersh that “The big debate today … is whether to starve Hamas out or kill as many as 100,000 people in Gaza,” adding that,  “Hamas now only has a two or three-day supply of purified water and that, along with a lack of food … may be enough to flush all the Hamas [forces] out.”

The Siege of Leningrad stands as one of the darkest chapters of World War II, when German and Finnish forces, under the command of Nazi German leader Adolf Hitler, besieged the city of Leningrad in the Soviet Union. The attack resulted in an estimated 1.2 million casualties, including 140,000 children, over approximately 842 days.

Nazi forces laid siege to the city of Leningrad, now known as St. Petersburg, during World War II, from September 8, 1941, to January 27, 1944, hoping to break Soviet resistance and capture the city.

Hitler tasked the besieging forces with destroying the city to the largest extent possible, using aerial bombardment and artillery shelling, before entering it in the spring to displace its residents to remote Russian regions or take them as prisoners.

The vicious and all-out criminal approaches that the Israeli occupation is even considering taking when it comes to Gaza reflects a grim reality, which is that it is permissible for “Israel” to do nearly anything and everything it so wishes without even a sliver of accountability as the supports of Palestine are expected to condemn and denounce a Resistance movement.

The residents of Leningrad suffered greatly during the siege, losing access to food, water, electricity, and medical care. Over a million people in the city perished due to hunger and disease.

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