Aqila Saleh: International Interventions are unjustified and the solution to the crisis will only be Between Libyans

Speaker of the House of Representatives, “Aqila Saleh,” praised the role played by the Egyptian government in ending the Libyan crisis and its standing by the Libyan people in all stages.

This came in a press statement made by “Saleh” today, Thursday, after his meeting in Cairo with Speaker of the Egyptian Parliament “Hanafi Al-Jabali” to discuss how to find a solution to the Libyan crisis, according to what was published by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, “Abdullah Blehaq” on his official Facebook page.

“Saleh” confirmed that he had made it clear to his Egyptian counterpart that Libya had a constitutional declaration as well as a political agreement, and that the Libyan parliament wanted support for a Libyan-Libyan agreement that would end the crisis the country is going through, which is what Egypt is currently doing.

“Saleh” indicated that there is a great agreement between the Presidency of the House of Representatives and the Presidency of the State Council represented by “Khaled Al-Mashri” to reconfigure the sovereign institutions affiliated with the House of Representatives, stressing that this matter will be decided in the coming days in addition to the formation of a single authority in Libya.

In this regard, the Speaker of the House of Representatives revealed an upcoming meeting between him and the President of the Council of State, “Khaled Al-Mashri,” under the auspices of the United Nations envoy, “Abdullah Bathily,” to discuss what was agreed upon to solve the Libyan crisis.

He stressed that these committees will be invited to continue their work in Cairo to achieve the constitutional rule, and what is agreed upon between the two parties will be accomplished and what is disagreed upon is left to the people for a referendum.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives noted that the parliament had amended the constitutional declaration “Constitutional Amendment No. 12” by assigning a committee of 24 members, 12 from the State Council and 12 from the House of Representatives. He pointed out that the delay in the work of the committee was due to the delay in assigning a new UN envoy to Libya.

“Saleh” emphasized that the existing international interventions in Libya now are unjustified because the interests of all countries are preserved for us. He pointed out that with the support of friendly and brotherly countries, this matter will be overcome.

 The Speaker of the House of Representatives said that Egypt stands with the Libyan people with all strength and courage, pointing to the support of the Egyptian Parliament and its standing by the legislative authority in Libya to find a solution that ends the crisis the country is going through.



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