Bolivia Severs Diplomatic ties with ‘Israel’ over war crimes in Gaza

The Bolivian foreign ministry said it severed ties with "Israel", citing the occupation's actions in the Gaza Strip and accusing it of committing crimes against humanity.

The Bolivian government announced on Tuesday that it is severing diplomatic relations with “Israel”.

The Bolivian foreign ministry cited “Israel’s” actions in the Gaza Strip, accusing it of committing crimes against humanity

The call to sever ties was initially issued a week ago by Former leftist Bolivian President Evo Morales, who qualified the Israeli regime as a “terror state”.

“When we came to power after winning the elections in September/December 2005, we severed our ties with Israel due to our pacifist and anti-imperialistic principles,” Morales wrote on X.

He recalled that after the US-backed November 2019 coup, Bolivia obeyed “the orders of the [US] empire” and restored its relations with the Israeli occupation during President Jeanine Anez’s administration.

Prior to this, relations were severed in 2009 due to Bolivia’s opposition to “Israel’s” military aggression in Gaza, known as Operation Cast Lead, which occurred in late 2008 and early 2009.

In solidarity with the Palestinian people and due to these significant objections, Bolivia opted to cut off its diplomatic ties with “Israel.”

Under the leadership of then-President Evo Morales, Bolivia strongly criticized “Israel’s” actions in Gaza, accusing it of human rights violations and acts of aggression against Palestinians.

This decision aligned with the stance adopted by several other Latin American nations during that period, as they also expressed their disapproval of “Israel’s” military war crimes in Gaza.

These include Venezuela, Ecuador, and Nicaragua.

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