Turkish Regime Increases its mercenaries in Libya

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had published in a statement, that Turkish Regime has currently equipped more than 150 of its mercenaries loyal to it to push them into camps in western Libya.

The observatory added that Turkey is replacing mercenaries with approximately the same numbers, which was denied by a source inside Mitiga Airport to “Sky News Arabia” who is familiar with the flow of air traffic inside it.

camouflage process

The source said that what Turkey is doing is nothing but a camouflaging operation that shows the international community that it is replacing mercenaries with the same number, but the planes that land from Ankara to Mitiga Airport always carry larger numbers and more equipment that goes to the militia camps.

The source reiterated that the data and evidence that says that Turkey is paying the same departure numbers is baseless and that no plane landed at the airport, except that it was carrying much larger numbers than the one that left, and last month the airport received more than 5 flights from Turkey carrying mercenaries and equipment .

The source gave an example that the last batch that left Libya was the plane carrying about 130 Syrian mercenaries, but the plane that landed on the second day coming from Ankara was carrying more than 250 Syrian mercenaries.

Sahel countries and militias

At a time when the acceleration of transfers of mercenaries to Libya was monitored, the heads of state of the five West African Sahel Group (Mali, Burkina Faso, Chad, Niger and Mauritania) called in a statement that Sky News Arabia reported to expedite the expulsion of mercenaries from Libyan territory.

The statement issued, on Saturday, at the conclusion of the group meeting confirmed that the withdrawal of the estimated 30,000 mercenaries is an absolute priority for the security of the region, calling at the same time to stop the transfer of mercenaries to ensure the full implementation of the ceasefire and urging all member states to respect and support this process and supervise the expulsion of all forces foreign from the country.

Over the past ten years, many African countries have been affected by the bad security situation in Libya, as it served as a starting point and center for striking the stability of African countries.

‘international failure’

For his part, Libyan political analyst Ibrahim Al-Fitouri said that he does not rule out this information that Turkey is increasing the number of mercenaries through a fake switch.

Al-Fitouri pointed out that the international community has so far failed in the file of foreign forces and Libyan mercenaries, and has not been able to pressure Turkey to expel them and stop supplying militias with weapons.

Al-Fitouri explained to “Sky News Arabia” that the progress of the political process and the confusion in this period confirm that the Brotherhood and political Islam groups need to increase their military power to impose any order that serves their interests.

2014 scenario warning

With the election date approaching, the Libyan analyst warns that the presence of this number of mercenaries on Libyan soil may make matters worse, and that the 2014 scenario may be imposed by the Brotherhood again in Libya if things did not go right.

In 2014, the militias launched an armed operation called “Libya Dawn”, during which they destroyed Tripoli Airport, spread terror and killings, and entered a battle against the Libyan National Army with the help of mercenaries; Protesting the militia organizations’ loss of legislative elections.

People’s willingness to expel mercenaries

Accordingly, the council stressed, in a statement obtained by Sky News Arabia, the importance of adhering to the unity of Libya as a red line, calling for the need to highlight the importance of the departure of foreign mercenaries and to prepare and close ranks to fight battles to liberate Libya from foreign mercenaries.

In the same context, the Social Council of the Libyan Warfalla Tribes warned that the continued presence of mercenaries in Libya would increase division and that these external interventions harm the interests of the Libyan people.


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