Brotherhood threatens members of the Tunisian parliament with Killing

Haikal al-Makki is a member of the National People’s Movement in Tunisia, he blamed the leader of Brotherhood Rashid Ghannouchi for his life safety, after he was received death threat.

Two parliamentarians in Tunisia said that they received death threats after criticizing Brotherhood and the head of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Makki attacked the terrorist Brotherhood and Turkish regime, led by Erdogan, accusing them of working to undermine peace and stability in the region.

In a message he sent to Ghannouchi as Speaker of Parliament, Al-Makki said that he received these threats after he saluted the armies of Tunisia, Syria and Libya led by Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter in a parliamentary session for their efforts to resist the Turkish-backed Brotherhood groups.

Makki also directed, according to many threats he faced before, a letter to Ghannouchi saying: “You, as head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia, you will be responsible of my physical safety,” considering that Ghannouchi represents one of the leaders of the terrorist organization at the international level.

The same threats also sent to the deputy of the “Tahya Tounis” movement, Mabrouk Korshid, who announced in media statements that he had received a threat by a leader of the Nahda Brotherhood movement in the southern governorate of Medenine.

These aggressive campaigns came against his negative attitude towards the Turkish regime and the bloody war of the Brotherhood’s organization in the region.


Last week, Korshid considered in a parliamentary hearing for Tunisian Foreign Minister Noureddine El-Rai that “Ankara behind the chaos in Libya and the Middle East, ” stressing that the Turkish role has not been helpful to create peace in the region since 2012.


In his speech in the parliament, he accused the Turkish regime of sending armed mercenaries to spread killing in Libya and Encourages civil war in the Arab World.


He described  Al-Sarraj government  “not legally” saying it is a government that includes “armed and terrorist militias” as he described, calling on Tunisian diplomacy to deal rationally with the developments of the Libyan situation and not be dragged behind the Turkish plot.


The head of the Tunisian Free Constitutional Party, Abeer Moussa, described the Tunisian parliament as the Brotherhood’s “farm”, accusing Ghannouchi of violating the law and constitutional norms, stressing the existence of more than one suspicion of corruption in his office.


In statements to “Arab Observer,” Abeer Moussa warned that the goal of Ghannouchi presiding over parliament is to serve his suspicious agendas linked to extremism, atonement, and obscurantist ideas.


And to quickly tighten the grip on the Tunisian parliament, legislative sources said that Ghannouchi raised the value of the privileges of his beloved bureau chief, Habib Khadir, member of his families.


Tunisian observers accused Parliament Speaker Rashid Ghannouchi of turning the parliament into a secret organization for serving the goals of  the Brotherhood in Libya, since he took office 7 months ago.


Observers warned of Ghannouchi‘s continuous efforts to use his position at the head of the Tunisian parliament to make the deputies a strategic platform aimed at converting the Tunisian compass toward regional and international issues into what serves his brotherhood agenda.

They affirmed that Ghannouchi’s agenda has Qatari-Turkish support to turn the powers over to terrorist organizations in the Libyan West, through military and logistical supplies.

Arab Observer

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