Tunisia’s opposition Free Destourian Party Abir Moussa Accuses Ennahda of Seeking Dictatorship by Consensus

While marginalizing the opposition, the majority coalition seeks imposing certain directions and decisions, passing new bills, and revising the internal system of parliament in accordance with narrow political interests.

Head of Tunisia’s opposition Free Destourian Party Abir Moussa warned against a dictatorship brought about by the parliamentary coalition bloc led by Ennahda Movement and Heart of Tunisia.

According to Moussa, this violates chapter 60 of the Tunisian Constitution and has diminished the monitor role played by the opposition in government work.


Moussa explained that her party members in the various parliamentary committees are being targeted, because of “their discipline and their adherence to the fulfillment of their electoral promises, and their rejection of rapprochement and alliance with Islamists.


Moussa accused Heart of Tunisia lawmakers of spewing slander against her because they are reassured they enjoy impunity.


The Free Destourian Party is fighting a fierce war against Islamists in ruling, represented by Ennahda Movement, and its supporters such as the Al-Karama coalition, within the ruling coalition.


It criticizes all decisions taken by Ennahda Movement leader Rached Ghannouchi and parliament.


Moussa’s party says that having a coalition is just a smoke screen for Islamists seeking a dictatorship in Tunisia.


Ennahda leaders, on the other hand, stressed the need to resort to consensus in the event of a dispute within parliament or about government action.


According to Ghannouchi, the current political stage in Tunisia does not allow for the existence of a division such as a ruling coalition and an explicit parliamentary opposition, and that it is better to manage differences through dialogue and compromise.


Ghannouchi had laid the foundations of consensus with the late President Beji Caid Essebsi, immediately after the announcement of the results of the 2014 elections.

Arab Observer

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