Brotherhood’s crisis: Intensification of the Conflict Among the Movement will Lead to Bloodshed

Brotherhood’s crisis is still exacerbating, especially with the intensification of the conflict between the two Istanbul fronts led by Mahmoud Hussein and the London front led by Ibrahim Munir, as the conflict developed to a new turn.

The crisis was further deepened by leaks from both sides about financial and moral violations, the dismissal of the group’s media spokesman, Mahmoud Hussein’s front, and the appointment of a new speaker, while Hussein’s front refused and announced that its official spokesman would remain in office, and its continued control of the group’s platforms and website, and Istanbul satellite channels.

Hussain’s front announced its complete disregard for all Munir’s decisions, including his decisions to refer 6 of the group’s leaders in Istanbul for investigation, declaring its rejection of the results of the Istanbul office elections, while Munir’s front announced that it was studying the separation of all Hussain’s supporters or sympathizers.

A raging struggle between Ibrahim Mounir and Mahmoud Hussein

During the past few days, the Hussein Front decided to prevent the delivery of the group’s satellite channels in Istanbul, including Watan, and decided to stop financial aid to some families of detainees from the group’s members in the governorates of Beni Suef, Fayoum, Minya and Qalyubia to put pressure on Ibrahim Munir and discipline his loyalists.

According to what sources revealed to, Hussein’s front decided to deal a fatal blow to Munir and his front, as calls were sent to the group’s offices in Egypt and countries to refuse to hand the organization over to Munir, and to renew the pledge of allegiance to Muhammad Badie, the group’s guide, who is imprisoned in Egypt. Addressed to offices and leaders, who circulated on the group’s platforms, a phrase that says, “I renew my pledge of allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood’s General Guide, Dr. Muhammad Badie, the elected institutions and the General Shura Council with all its decisions,” which means, according to the sources, implicitly acknowledging Hussein’s front and refusing to manage Munir’s front.

The group’s problem currently – as the sources say – is not only in the struggle over who leads the group, nor in the directions of each front or the way it manages the Brotherhood’s files, but is concentrated in the emergence of a third front rejecting the practices of the two fronts, led by the group’s youth loyal to the former leader Muhammad Kamal, who was killed in a battle With the Egyptian security forces in 2016, and he was in charge of the armed qualitative committees, and these men vowed on both fronts and declared themselves and their desire to remove the big and old leaders and push new faces among them to run the group, adding that what supports their position is that 80% of the members of the administrative offices in Egypt is loyal to Muhammad Kamal and they can control the group, mobilize to bring down the fronts of London and Istanbul, and obtain the support of the group’s leaders in prisons to control the organization.

I renew my pledge of allegiance to the General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Muhammad Badie, the elected institutions and the General Shura Council with all its decisions

A common message for the brothers

The other problem – according to the sources – is related to the dispute over how to manage the group’s wealth, property and money, which is estimated at billions of dollars and exceeds the budgets of countries, and the arrangement of competencies in light of the deepening differences and the difficulty of reaching an agreement or reconciliation, which hinders the management of several other files such as the files of detainees and the group’s relations abroad and its media platforms. In addition to the leaks that come out from time to time questioning the leaders’ slander and accusing them of financial and moral corruption, including what was recently leaked about the discovery of thefts in which a senior official was involved in the “Mekameleen” satellite, and he was blackmailed by another employee who worked with him and knew of his thefts, which prompted him to negotiate. With him and silenced him by giving him a sum of money estimated at $60,000, but the employee, after receiving the agreed amount, did not abide by the agreement and informed the group’s leaders in Istanbul of the official’s violations and thefts.

Senior leaders in the group fear the leakage of other scandals that shake the image of leaders among the Brotherhood’s members, especially with the intensification of the conflict and the resort to each front to distort the leaders and members of the other front and threaten them with irregularities and financial corruption.

Talaat Fahmy, the official spokesman for the Mahmoud Hussein Front

A recently leaked audio recording of a senior Brotherhood leader revealed the details of the differences and divisions that are plaguing the group.

Ahmed Matar, one of the Brotherhood leaders who fled to the Balkan countries and is affiliated with the London front led by Ibrahim Mounir, said in a leak that was circulated among the group’s leaders in the context of the ongoing war of leaks between them that whoever runs the Brotherhood is currently a secret organization, and a gang, that brings you closer to what you want and away from whom you want, And seized the money and assets of the group and kidnapped for its own account.

During the past few days, all reconciliation initiatives between the conflicting parties failed, and a secret decision was issued to the administrative offices of Ibrahim Munir, stipulating the expulsion of all supporters of the Mahmoud Hussein Front and its sympathizers. The office, as well as listing those affected by their speech and arguments from their circles, if possible, and classifying the degree of their influence.

Talaat Fahmy, the official spokesman for the Mahmoud Hussein Front, announced that the General Shura Council decided to dismiss and relieve Munir from his position and inform him of this, declaring the Front’s rejection of the decision to appoint Osama Suleiman as an official spokesman, and stressing that the Shura Council, which is run by Hussein, is the supreme authority entrusted with managing the group.

Fahmy revealed that the Shura Council convened officially recently and took a decision to relieve Ibrahim Mounir from his post, inform him of the council’s decisions and the percentages of those who approved, opposed, and abstained from implementing the decision.

The group’s spokesman said that the decision to withdraw confidence and relieve the deputy guide of his duties from the authority of the General Shura Council, because he is the one who elects the guide and the Guidance Office, and he has the right to terminate the membership of any of them, in addition to the fact that Ibrahim Munir was assigned to the position of the guide’s job, and then the council decided Withdraw this assignment and this is his right.


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