Cairo suspends talks to normalize relations with Turkish regime

Cairo temporarily suspended talks to normalize relations with Ankara, and that Cairo had suspended security contacts with Ankara until further notice.

The sources added that Cairo suspended contacts with Ankara until the Egyptian demands are quickly implemented Noting that Turkey’s slowdown in withdrawing mercenaries from Libya caused the suspension of meetings with Egypt.

Our sources said that Ankara requested more time to withdraw its military advisors and members from Libya, while Egypt demanded Turkey for an immediate and unconditional withdrawal from Libya.

The sources added that Ankara has suspended a number of Brotherhood activities, however Cairo demanded permanent measures, Cairo also demanded to hand over Yahya Musa and Alaa al-Samahi, but Turkey asked to wait.

The sources said that Turkey wants to implement the demands gradually, and Egypt has adhered to implementing them in two stages, stressing that the dispute between Cairo and Ankara is about the speed of implementation of measures against the Brotherhood organization.

According our reporters, Turkey pledged to implement more measures against Brotherhood channels before the end of Ramadan, but Egypt informed Turkey of the need to accelerate measures against Brotherhood channels.

She added that Egypt had suspended Ankara’s request to hold a broad meeting in Cairo before the end of April, and that Cairo confirmed the necessity of the Turkish military withdrawal from Arab countries out of respect for their sovereignty.

According to the sources, Turkey sent a telegram to Egypt that it froze granting citizenship to a number of Brotherhood members, and Egypt demanded more measures, not only freezing the acquisition of nationality, and Cairo also demanded to hand over the elements who were in the ranks of ISIS and obtained Turkish citizenship after returning from Syria.

Egypt demanded to stop any political meetings of Brotherhood leaders in Turkey and Turkish security confirmed the Egyptian request that the meetings stopped, and that Brotherhood leaders had already transferred their families outside Turkey several weeks ago, and others are still in negotiations with the Turkish government about their position during the next stage.

The sources said that Turkey had suspended charitable activities of Brotherhood members in Turkey until the sources of its funds were reviewed and the Egyptian recommendations behind the decision.

And she was Sources revealed to “Al”, about a month ago, That the Turkish authorities issued directives to stop the political programs on the Brotherhood satellite channels that broadcast from Istanbul, namely “Watan”, “Al Sharq” and “Complementary”, or transfer them to special channels for variety and drama, adding that Turkey has concluded agreements with the leaders of the group to abide by the instructions, threatening with penalties that may reach To permanently close the broadcast and deport the violators out of the country.

These developments came a week after Egypt confirmed in response to Turkish officials’ demands for rapprochement, that upgrading the relationship between the two countries requires observing the legal and diplomatic frameworks that govern relations between countries on the basis of respecting the principle of sovereignty and the requirements of Arab national security.

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