With Qatar participation … The launch of GCC summit in Saudi Arabia

Qatar said Sheikh Tamim would attend the GCC summit being held in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday.

The announcement came after Kuwait said there had been a breakthrough in the boycott of Qatar by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf and Arab countries since 2017.

“The Emir of the country is heading the delegation of the State of Qatar to participate in the meeting of the… Gulf Cooperation Council,” Sheikh Tamim’s office said.

Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman said on Monday the summit would create a united front, would bolster peace and prosperity and lead to a closing of ranks to promote solidarity in the face of regional challenges.

His attendance at the summit, being held in AlUla and chaired by Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, was confirmed after Kuwait announced the Kingdom would reopen its borders and airspace to Qatar.

The Kingdom, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt had boycotted Qatar since June 2017 over its support for extremist groups and ties with the Iranian regime.’


Arab Observer

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