Day 130: 28,473 Martyrs, 68,146 Injured in Gaza

"Israel" continues 133 Palestinians were killed and 162 others injured due to the Israeli aggression in Gaza.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that Israeli occupation forces committed several massacres during the past 24 hours, killing 133 Palestinians and injuring 162, bringing the total number of Palestinians killed in the Israeli aggression on Gaza up to 28,473, in addition to 68,146 injuries.

It further stressed that many victims remained under the rubble as the IOF prevented ambulance and civil defense crews from reaching them.

On the 130th day of Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, many Palestinians were killed and injured in airstrikes and artillery shelling by “Israel” in different parts of the Gaza Strip.

Our reporters in the Gaza Strip reported that five people were killed and several others were injured when a house in the Nuseirat camp in the central part of the Strip was bombed by Israeli forces.

Many Palestinians were injured by airstrikes carried out by Israeli warplanes in the al-Maghazi camp located in the central part of the Gaza Strip. As the Israeli occupation continues its aggression on the Gaza Strip, the humanitarian situation is simultaneously getting worse. 

“There are unprecedented levels of acute food insecurity, hunger, and near famine-like conditions in Gaza,” FAO Deputy Director General Beth Bechdol said in an interview published by the Rome-based agency.

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) stated that the Gaza Strip’s population is experiencing “unprecedented levels of near famine-like conditions” due to the prolonged Israeli aggression on Gaza. Approximately 550,000 people are now at risk of catastrophic food insecurity, and the entire population is in a state of crisis, it added.

According to the statement, every one of the 2.2 million individuals in Gaza falls within the top three hunger categories, ranging from level three, classified as an emergency, to level five, labeled as a catastrophe. It is worth noting that the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) measures hunger levels on a scale from one to five.

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