Deaths, Injuries in Double Operation in Occupied Al-Quds

Another operation was carried out in the Jordan Valley, which resulted in the injury of two Israeli soldiers.

Israeli media reported earlier this morning that three settlers were killed and several were injured in a shooting operation in the settlement of “Ramot” in occupied al-Quds.

Six were injured in the operation, four of whom are in serious condition.

Later, in another operation, Israeli media revealed that a Palestinian ran over a number of soldiers, injuring two of them at the “Beka’ot” checkpoint in the Jordan Valley.

The Palestinian who carried out the ramming operation in the Jordan Valley was martyred after being shot.

Israeli media reported that the two Palestinians who conducted the operation in al-Quds arrived by car at the bus station and opened fire at the settlers there.

They were identified as the two brothers Murad Nimr (38 years old) and Ibrahim Nimr (30 years old) from the town of Sur Baher, south of occupied al-Quds. They are liberated prisoners and belong to the Hamas movement.


The Israeli police commander in al-Quds reported that the Palestinians who conducted the operation were killed.

The Israeli army radio reported that preliminary investigations indicate that the operation was bipartite involving both a ramming and a shooting. 

Shortly after the shooting operation, Israeli occupation forces deployed units to the site.


Israeli media pointed out that “almost a year ago today, a similar operation had taken place in the same location.”

Channel 12 reported that this is “the fourth and most deadly operation we have witnessed in Jerusalem [Al-Quds] since the start of the war in Gaza.”

Despite the large Israeli police presence, in addition to armed settlers, the threat of Resistance operations remains grave, a Channel 12 correspondent reported, noting a recent uptick in Resistance operations. 

Additionally, the military correspondent for Yedioth Ahronoth  said, “The circumstances of the Jerusalem operation and the weapons used indicate that there was prior planning for its execution.”

This comes as Israeli occupation forces ramp up their aggression on the West Bank, raiding towns, surrounding hospitals, and killing children and youths in cold blood, amid a truce ongoing in Gaza with the IOF not failing to violate it every now and then. 

Just yesterday, two Palestinian children, ages 9 and 15, were killed in cold blood in Jenin.


Later at night, Israeli occupation forces conducted raids in the towns of Beitunia west of Ramallah and Tulkarm, firing tear gas and assaulting the family of soon-to-be-released prisoners Nohad and Mohammad Jadallah in Tulkarm.

The Palestinian Red Crescent confirmed the injury of 5 Palestinians with live bullets, with one described as being in a “very serious” condition, in confrontations that followed an attack by the Israeli occupation forces on the masses gathered to receive the liberated Palestinian prisoners. 

Meanwhile, Palestinian youth Fadi Muayyad Badran was killed during confrontations with the Israeli occupation in the town of Beitunia, west of the city of Ramallah, in the central West Bank, in addition to several injuries.

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