Israeli Occupation Massacres Rafah Residents Amid Heavy Gaza Bombing

x The Israeli occupation forces wage brutal and indiscriminate airstrikes on the Gaza Strip using thermobaric weapons.

The Israeli occupation forces committed a massacre early Monday in Rafah, the Gaza Strip, by bombarding residential buildings, murdering with cold blood an entire family in the Strip’s south.

The shelling resulted in scores of casualties being reported between martyrs and wounded as a result of the occupation’s extensive shelling.

Reports suggest that the number of martyrs is at least 11, with five being injured in an air raid that targeted a residential building in Khan Yunis.

Airstrikes were renewed in the northeastern and northwestern areas of the Gaza Strip, while civil defense teams faced significant challenges in rescuing the injured from under the rubble of targeted houses and locations.

The Israeli occupation aircraft targeted residential homes, mosques, and public institutions throughout the night, launching violent and indiscriminate airstrikes on various areas of the Gaza Strip and using thermobaric missiles against civilian infrastructure.

The Israeli occupation forces also conducted violent airstrikes on a home in Beit Lahia, as well as the Karama area and al-Tuffah neighborhood east of Gaza City.

Another series of air raids targeted a house in the Musabah area in Rafah, with another afflicting the Sheikh Ahmad Yassin mosque in al-Shati’ refugee camp west of Gaza, which caused material damage to neighboring homes.

A house belonging to the martyr Ibrahim Hamdan’s family in the Tel al-Zaatar neighborhood in the Jabaliya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip was targeted, causing damage to several adjacent houses, with uncertainty surrounding the fate of the residents of the house.

Moreover, first respondents were able to transfer a number of injuries and martyrs from the Shati refugee camp as a result of the targeting of the Sheikh Ahmed Yassin Mosque, and another group of injuries and martyrs were transferred due to the targeting of a house in Tel al-Zaatar.

Airstrikes are ongoing in Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza. Due to the intensification of the airstrikes, ambulance teams were unable to reach the areas targeted in Beit Hanoun, as several main roads had been destroyed as a result of Israeli bombardment.

Meanwhile, Israeli media reported on Sunday that the number of Israeli deaths has risen to 700 and the wounded to 2,000, 350 of whom are in a serious, hopeless condition.

The media also suggested that the death toll is nearing 1,000, pointing out that there are still quite a few settlers missing in addition to an unestimated number of settlers who were transferred to the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli media also announced that among those killed is the head of the elite Israeli Multidimensional unit, also known as the Ghost unit, Colonel Roi Levy.

CNN reported that 44 Israeli occupation soldiers and 30 security officials have been identified among the killed.

Moreover, Al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ armed wing, announced that it launched salvoes of rockets toward the Israeli occupation’s Ben Gurion Airport situated at the heart of “Tel Aviv”.

The shelling of the vital Israeli airport comes in response to the repeated targeting of Palestinian civilians at the hands of the Israeli occupation in Gaza.

There have been no reports of any casualties thus far, though our reporter said he did not see any Iron Dome anti-air missiles intercepting the barrage of rockets.

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