At Least 100 Israelis Killed in Al-Aqsa Flood Operation Responding to IOF Attacks

x The Israeli occupation continues to carry out air strikes against Gaza as the Palestinian Resistance maintains control over a number of envelope settlements.

On Saturday, the Gaza Health Ministry reported that Israeli aggression in Gaza had resulted in the loss of 198 Palestinian lives, with approximately 1,610 others sustaining injuries.

Beginning in the early hours of the morning, Israeli forces launched a series of intense airstrikes, primarily targeting civilians in the northern Gaza Strip.

In response to continuous Israeli actions against the Al-Aqsa Holy Mosque, the occupied West Bank, and the harsh blockade on Gaza, the Palestinian Resistance initiated the “Al-Aqsa Flood operation” earlier in the day.

During this significant operation, resistance fighters successfully seized control of several Israeli settlements by infiltrating behind enemy lines, leaving Israel profoundly shocked.

Recent reports from Israeli media suggest that the casualties from the operation have reached 100 Israeli settlers, with the potential for this number to rise further.

Simultaneously, Palestinian factions continue to launch thousands of rockets towards Israeli settlements, reaching as far as “Tel Aviv” and occupied Al-Quds.

According to Israeli media outlets, the Palestinian Resistance is still capturing Israelis residing in the Gaza envelope settlements and relocating them to the Strip. It has been noted that these prisoners are being handled in a manner similar to ISIS captives. The number of captured Israelis, including both soldiers and settlers, is estimated to be in the dozens, as reported by the media.

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