Donald Trump’s dismissal: “The facts are much more serious” than those committed by Nixon


Elected Democrat Adam Schiff, who oversees the investigation into dismissal against Donald Trump, said Thursday that the allegations against the tenant of the White House were “much more serious” than those committed by former President Richard Nixon, forced to resigned in 1974 to avoid a certain dismissal in the context of the Watergate political espionage scandal.


In charge of the impeachment procedure against Donald Trump, the elected Democrat Adam Schiff did not mince his words towards the American President, who risks an indictment (“impeachment”) in the House of Representatives for having asked his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate Joe Biden. “What we have here is far more serious than a low-level robbery of a Democratic campaign headquarters, which goes far beyond what Nixon did,” he said. he, referring to the Wartergate that shook the United States from 1972.

“We are better than that”

Democrats accuse Donald Trump of putting pressure on Ukraine, “an ally at war” says Adam Schiff, conditioning the allocation of military aid of $ 400 million to the opening of an investigation into his rival potential in the next US presidential election and his son, an employee of a Ukrainian gas company. “There is nothing more dangerous than an immoral president who believes himself above the law”, denounces the elected Democrat after eight days of investigations and twelve hearings. In an appeal to Americans, but also to the rest of the world, Adam Schiff also said: “We are better than that”, lambasting the “absurd” defense of Donald Trump’s allies, who highlight the rampant corruption in Ukraine to demand targeted surveys.

For its part, the White House denounces “the hate disease” of the Democrats for Donald Trump, who continues to deny the facts. His spokesman in Washington, Stephanie Grisham, calls at the end of these hearings “phony” and “illegitimate”.

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