Egypt condemns Ethiopian statements on its Internal Affairs, describing it as “Blatant Interference”

Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Hafez, denounced a statement by the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ spokesperson which touched on Egypt’s internal affairs, saying it as a “blatant transgression” and “unacceptable as a whole”.

Hafez added that the statement violated long-standing African values ​​that promote brotherhood and respect for others as well as the Constitutive Act of the African Union, which clearly states in Article Four that member states are obliged not to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

“It would have been more useful for the Ethiopian spokesperson to pay attention to the deteriorating conditions in his country,” Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Hafez said in the statement.

“The Ethiopian speaker’s statement would have been better spent on addressing the challenges his countries is facing,” Hafez added, “such as the conflicts killing hundreds and displacing tens of thousands of innocent citizens – the most recent of which was in the Tigray and Benishangul regions, as well as continuous tension and instability in the Oromia region.”

The Egyptian spokesman confirmed that such a statement only affirms Ethiopia’s continued hostile tone which aims to cover up it’s numerous failures, while Egypt has always preferred to refrain from discussing in any way the internal situation and developments in Ethiopia.

Hafez also criticized hostilities from Ethiopian forces towards its regional surroundings such as recent military actions and escalating tensions in the border strip with Sudan.


Arab Observer

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