European diplomats asked the Palestinian Authority for clarification on the murder of activist Nizar Banat

European diplomats asked for clarification from the Palestinian Authority in the wake of the assassination of opposition activist Nizar Banat during his arrest in Hebron last week.

Israeli broadcaster Kan stated that “the request was referred to the Palestinian National Authority, at a meeting held Tuesday between nearly 20 European consuls and diplomats, with Palestinian intelligence chief Majed Faraj, in his office in Ramallah in the West Bank, at the request of the European side.” .

The Israeli channel quoted an informed source as saying: “Palestinian intelligence chief, Majed Faraj, told Europeans that the National Authority is aware of an error, is investigating the circumstances of the incident and will draw lessons from the matter.”

The station said European diplomats “protested to Palestinian intelligence chief Majed Faraj against the use of excessive force by the National Authority’s security forces against the protesters who went outside to protest the killing of girls.”

The opposition political activist at the National Authority was killed last Thursday after he was arrested by a Palestinian Authority security force from his home in the city of Dura, in the West Bank city of Hebron.

And the channel said that “Thursday a delegation of European diplomats will meet the family of political activist Nizar Banat.”

According to the website of the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, the Palestinian Authority has previously requested Israel to obtain equipment and resources for its security forces to help it break up the demonstrations.

However, the Israeli website did not refer to the Palestinian Authority requesting equipment to disperse the demonstrations, stating that “the supply of this type of equipment is carried out with Israeli approval and in limited quantities.”

According to what the site cited Palestinian sources as the equipment and means referred to are tear gas canisters and sound bombs, which the Palestinian Authority has used extensively during the suppression of the demonstrations launched in protest against the assassination of activist Nizar Banat.

The Israeli website also pointed out that “some of the Palestinian Authority’s stock of this equipment has been depleted as a result of the demonstrations in Ramallah, and it is trying to expand the equipment and transfer it to other areas in the Western United States.” Jordan Bank, pending the launch of other demonstrations.”


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