Gaza Health Ministry: Toll of martyrs rises to 19,453, with 52,286 injured

Earlier in the day, massacres were reported all over the Gaza Strip, with over 100 losing their lives in Jabalia refugee camp.

As of Monday, the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza reported that the martyrdoms resulting from the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip have risen to 19,453 deaths and 52,286 injuries since October 7.

“The number of casualties due to the Israeli aggression, which began on October 7 of this year, has increased to 19,453 killed and 52,286 injured,” a representative of the Palestinian Health Ministry said.

The Media Office in Gaza reported that 7,000 are still missing, either under the rubble or their fate is unknown, and 70% of them are children and women.

The Government Media Office in Gaza said the occupation has committed 1,680 massacres since the beginning of the aggression.

Earlier in the day, massacres were reported all over the Gaza Strip, with over 100 losing their lives in the Jabalia refugee camp. 

Gaza’s Health Ministry said that the strikes in the Jabalia refugee camp killed at least 90 Palestinians, and another missile attack on a house resulted in the killing of 24 people from the Shehab family.

A medical professional stated that numerous individuals were either killed or injured in the Shehab family residence and nearby structures. It is believed that a substantial number of people, mainly women and children, are still trapped under the rubble. Still, due to the intense Israeli bombing, it is impossible to remove the debris and rescue them.

In Deir al-Balah, located in central Gaza, medical professionals reported the killing of 12 Palestinians with dozens more reported wounded. In Rafah, situated in the south, an Israeli airstrike on a house resulted in the martyrdom of at least four. Bystanders hurried to the building to aid those trapped under the debris. Mahmoud Jarbou, a nearby resident, described the explosion “as powerful as an earthquake.” 

Meanwhile, the intensification of airstrikes in the southern regions has exacerbated the humanitarian crisis, leading to desperate scenes of malnourished families clamoring for food and water.

The Israeli aggression has resulted in the displacement of approximately 1.9 million people, constituting about 80 percent of Gaza’s population, according to United Nations estimates.

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