Gaza, Lebanon simultaneously bomb Israeli occupation

Several salvoes of rockets are fired from Lebanon toward the Western al-Jalil as the Palestinian Resistance launches barrages of rockets toward the occupied city of Askalan.

Several salvoes of rockets, numbering at least 15, were launched from Lebanon toward northern occupied Palestine and targeted the Israeli occupation.

Sirens were sounded in “Metzuba”, “Lehman”, “Betzet”, “Shlomi”, and the western al-Jalil, in addition to a number of other settlements in northern occupied Palestine, Israeli media reported.

The rockets fired from southern Lebanon were later claimed by the Lebanese Resistance, i.e., Hezbollah, and they caused massive damages among the ranks of the Israeli occupation, where at least two vehicles were reported as having been engulfed in flames, including an armored vehicle and a Merkava tank.

The Israeli occupation was bombing the vicinity of al-Naqoura, ad-Dhayra, and Yaroun in Southern Lebanon, while also launching three incendiary bombs toward the Kfar Chouba Heights and Mari. 

Some unconfirmed reports suggest that the Israeli occupation forces were using the internationally prohibited white phosphorus bombs in southern Lebanon.

Our correspondent also reported that there was extensive bombing targeting the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms area, as well as the Kfar Chouba hills.

The Resistance, on the other hand, used a guided missile to strike an armored vehicle in the settlement of “Avivim”, with reports suggesting that the said vehicle was completely destroyed.

The Times of Israel newspaper reported that the Israeli occupation was being hit by both the Lebanese and Palestinian Resistance on various fronts.

Meanwhile, Israeli radio reported that there was a possible infiltration from Lebanon into the settlement of “Shlomi” in the Western al-Jalil.

The escalation comes as the Palestinian Resistance extensively shelled the occupied city of Askalan, with hundreds of rockets being launched toward it for nearly three hours straight.

Askalan under fire

The rockets that targeted Askalan came as the Resistance fulfilled its pledges to target the occupied Palestinian city in response to the forced expulsion of Palestinians, as proclaimed by Hamas, with the movement giving the Israeli occupation until 5 pm to evacuate before it would start extensively bombing Askalan if it did not stop targeting civilians.

In response to the Israeli crime of displacing the Palestinian people in Gaza and forcing them to evacuate their homes due to the nonstop brutal Israeli bombings, occupation settlers in “Ashkelon” have until 5 pm Tuesday to evacuate the settlements, Hamas’ Al-Qassam Brigades Spokesperson Abu Obeida declared.

He further added that “those warned have no excuse.”

Continuous Israeli airstrikes forced many Palestinians in Gaza to leave their homes. Civilian areas, including densely populated neighborhoods and regions, have been key targets of these bombings.

In a televised statment on Tuesday, Abu Obeida warned that every Israeli targeting of a Palestinian home in Gaza without prior warning – roof knocking – will be “regrettably” met by executing an Israeli captive.

The Israeli occupation entity will be held “responsible for targeting the Palestinian people, especially in the Gaza Strip,” he said, stressing that “the Israeli enemy does not understand the language of humanity and ethics, and we will address it in the language it knows.”

His warning came after the Israeli occupation entity committed over 10 recorded massacres in Gaza, some of which resulted in the killing of entire families.

Israeli commentators fear multi-front war

Israeli commentators are raising concerns about the possibility of a multi-front war, amid the ongoing Operation Al-Aqsa Flood.

“We are heading into a long battle in Gaza… and at any moment, we might find ourselves in a multi-front war,” Alon Ben David, the military affairs analyst at Israeli Channel 13, said.

He emphasized the magnitude of the unfolding events, saying that this is not an operation but a long ongoing battle that will take a long time, asserting that it would last for more than two weeks.

Ben David said that currently, “Israel” “is focused to the north, in reference to the northern front facing Lebanon and Syria.

In the same context, Channel 12 reported that the northern front might witness escalating events, saying that this is deeply concerning to the IOF.

On Monday evening, the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon – Hezbollah, attacked the “Biranit” base, the command center of the 91st Division of the IOF, and the “Avivim” base, the command center of a battalion that is a part of the IOF’s Western Brigade.

The overnight border confrontations were claimed by Hezbollah. 

Another similar event unfolded on Sunday where On Sunday when the Lebanese Resistance party said in a statement, “On the path of liberating what is left of our occupied Lebanese land and in solidarity with the triumphant Palestinian Resistance and the [persevering] and patient Palestinian people… groups of martyr leader Hajj Imad Mughniyeh, this Sunday morning, corresponding to 8 October 2023, attacked three occupation sites in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms.” 

The sites were targeted with large barrages of mortar shells as well as guided missiles, and they are: ar-Radar, Zebdine, and Ruwaisat al-Alam.

Israeli media outlets reported that the Northern Front, in reference to the area composed of the occupied Palestinian north and occupied Lebanese territories, has now been opened.

Nearby settlers were ordered to move into fortified areas, while resorts were shut down in the area. 

Lebanese media reported that the Israeli occupation forces shelled areas in southern Lebanon.

Israeli settlers in the “Metula” settlement heard explosions, as Israeli media outlets confirmed that “there were no injuries in today’s shelling from Lebanon to Israel in the Shebaa Farms area.”

The Israeli army radio confirmed that “the artillery units of the Israeli army fired at the Lebanese area from which” mortar shells and rockets were fired toward military sites.

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