Hochstein in Israel to try to avert a war with Hezbollah

Amos Hochstein, a senior advisor to President Biden, landed in the Israeli occupation entity on Monday to try to avert a war with Hezbollah, which Washington estimates that “Tel Aviv” is purposefully pushing for to drag the United States and other countries into it, Axios said in a report citing sources.

Sources reveal to Axios that the United States fears an Israeli confrontation with Hezbollah would lead to a regional war.

This comes as Lebanese-Palestinian border tensions are witnessing Resistance operations against Israeli military bases in support of Gaza, which are growing by the day.

Hochstein will engage in sensitive discussions with top Israeli officials also amid fears that a new front against “Israel” might weaken it and impact its war on Gaza.

Meanwhile, the Israeli entity is urging Washington to diplomatically pressure Hezbollah into withdrawing its elite Radwan Force from the border area, as per a senior Israeli official.

Hochstein’s itinerary includes meetings with the Israeli Security Minister Yoav Gallant, Israeli Minister for Strategic Affairs Ron Dermer, IOF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi, and Israeli “National Security” Advisor Tzachi Hanegbi, as stated by an Israeli official.

“His visit follows an earlier one to Beirut this month, where he expressed the U.S.’s stance against the escalation of conflict in Gaza and its potential spread to Lebanon. While in Israel, Hochstein will stress that stabilizing the situation along Israel’s northern border is paramount for the U.S., and should be a high priority for both Israel and Lebanon,” a US official said, highlighting the significance of Hochstein’s trip.

The Israeli official warned that the settlers residing near the Lebanon would not return as long as they perceived a threat across the border, echoing previous statements made by the entity’s top officials, as well as media outlets and settlers.

This comes as a senior official in the US National Security Council told Al Mayadeen that Hochstein’s visit is a continuation of his recent trip to Beirut, where he made it clear that Washington does not wish to see the war in Gaza extend to include Lebanon.

In his statements to Al Mayadeen, the official emphasized that the American advisor’s focus during his visit to the entity will be on restoring calm along the northern borders.

Since October 8, Hezbollah has been launching daily operations against Israeli military targets and sites, which are also increasing in frequency and intensity by the day.

Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah earlier disclosed that Washington conveyed messages through third parties to the Resistance party, including both threats and requests, to push the group against intervening in the Israeli war on Gaza.

However, he stressed that the Resistance disregarded these warnings and will continue to carry out its duty in support of Palestine and Gaza.

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