Tunisian judicial source: Ghannouchi, his deputy, and 39 brotherhood members are kept under investigation

Tunisian judicial source said that the investigative judge in the case of the deportation of terrorists to hotbeds of tension decided to keep free Ghannouchi, his deputy Ali Al-Arayedh, and 39 brotherhood members.

The judicial source added that the Public Prosecution has appealed all decisions to keep on release made by the investigative judge in the case of “deportation to hotbeds of tension,” noting that the accusation department in today’s session can overturn previous decisions and issue arrest warrants against whomever it deems appropriate.

And last week, the investigative judge at the Judicial Anti-Terrorism Pole decided to postpone the hearing of Rashid Ghannouchi until November 28, and to postpone the hearing of Al-Arayedh until December 19, while it was decided to keep the two brothers, Habib Al-Lawz and Muhammad Farikha, in a state of emergency. Released with a postponement of hearing them for a later date.

Brotherhood Crimes

Observers of the Tunisian political scene believe that the detonation of the deportation case is in itself an important step in exposing the Brotherhood’s crimes over the past ten years.

Hassan Al-Tamimi, a Tunisian analyst and political activist, said, “The delay is understandable given the size of the case, that the file is very large, and the investigator must search for the details that take a lot of time.”

Al-Tamimi added, “Ghannouchi and his entourage will not be spared from accountability for the years of terrorism, which they committed against Tunisian youth.”

He explained that 126 Brotherhood members are being investigated in this serious case, which could result in more serious charges that may lead to death sentences for anyone proved to be involved in this file, which claimed the lives of thousands of Tunisians, who were sent to Syria and Iraq under the pretext of the alleged “jihad.” .

Deportation of 6000 Tunisians

In the past years, security and official sources estimated that about 6000 Tunisians went to Syria and Iraq in the past decade, to join terrorist groups, including ISIS.

Last Thursday, the Tunisian judiciary issued arrest warrants against Fathi Al-Baldi, who was previously assigned to the office of the Minister of Interior and responsible for the secret apparatus for organizing the Brotherhood in the ministry, Mehrez Al-Zawari, former director general of the specialized services (intelligence) at the Ministry of Interior, and Saif Al-Din Al-Rais, spokesman for Ansar Al-Sharia. “Prohibited and classified as a terrorist organization.

At the end of 2021, Fatima Al-Masdi, a former parliamentarian and member of the parliamentary committee to investigate the networks involved in recruiting and sending young people to hotbeds of tension, raised the issue of deportation with the Tunisian judiciary.

At the end of 2016, Tunisia formed a parliamentary committee to investigate the networks involved in recruiting and sending young people to hotbeds of tension in the world, to participate in the fight in the ranks of terrorist organizations.

Ghannouchi, 81, was summoned on July 19 for interrogation in a case related to money laundering and corruption, while Ennahda Movement denied the charges against its leader.

On June 27, the Tunisian judiciary issued a decision banning Ghannouchi’s travel, as part of an investigation into political assassinations that occurred in 2013.


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