The Egyptian national team player, Imam Ashour, starred during his first match with his Danish team Mittelland against Sporting Lisbon in the European League, where he managed to score a missile goal a few minutes after entering as a substitute in the second half.

Ashour was late in joining Maitland after obtaining his services during the winter transfer season until a work permit was available, but the former Zamalek player sought to maintain his physical fitness and develop his technical capabilities during his hiatus from playing, according to his personal coach Ahmed Jamil.

Jamil explains to “Sky News Arabia” that Ashour’s interest in daily exercises, as well as the instructions he received from Mittelland Club, contributed greatly to his appearance fit during the European League match against Sporting Lisbon, just two days after he joined the team’s camp.

Imam Ashour scored on his debut with Maitland

Jamil told Sky News Arabia: “We were sure that Ashour would quickly make his mark with the Maitland team, and the start would not pass without a pleasant surprise. We talked a lot before the match about the need to be calm and focus on making correct passes for his teammates and taking advantage of opportunities to reach the opponent’s goal.” So the result was promising.”

Ashour moved from Zamalek to his new club with an offer worth $3.5 million, equivalent to 105 million Egyptian pounds, according to statements by officials in the Egyptian team, and the young player announced his desire to go professional during a television interview to send a farewell message to his fans in Egypt with his eyes full. with tears.

The young coach adds to “Sky News Arabia”: “Before traveling to Portugal, Ashour underwent intensive training in two periods, the first at nine in the morning to raise the physical rate and the second at six in the evening, which relied on technical aspects and strengthened his use of his left foot in shooting and heading strikes.” ‏

Accurate shots

Ashour became famous during his participation with Zamalek, which exceeded 100 matches, with his accurate shots at the opponents’ goal, as he succeeded in scoring 15 goals with his former club in various competitions, so that he could win two championships in the Egyptian League, the Egyptian Cup twice and the Super Championship, and become the favorite boy for the fans of the White Castle.

And Jamil goes on to “Sky News Arabia”: “Ashour showed great enthusiasm during the training, and it was clear that he was happy with the step of external professionalism and moving to Mittelland, and his desire to present a distinguished performance in the Danish league and express his talent on the field, whether his defensive capabilities or his ferocity in attack.”

Language problem

Jamil denied what was rumored in a number of newspapers about Ashour having a problem with his team related to communication due to his lack of proficiency in the English language, stressing to “Sky News Arabia” that the technical staff of Maitland is very understanding of these matters and there is great support for him and welcome within the Danish club.

And Jamil added to “Sky News Arabia”: “Ashour knows his goal very well. He traveled to Denmark to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional and making a great history in football. He will do his best to achieve this on and off the field, and he informed me of his joining an English language workshop to overcome this. obstacle in the coming period

Ashour is preparing with his club to meet the Viborg team in the 18th round of the Danish League next Monday, to help improve the position of Mittelland, which settles in eighth place with 23 points behind the leader club Nordjällland by 12 points before it receives Sporting Lisbon in the second leg next Thursday. in the European league.

Ashour’s personal trainer concludes his speech to “Sky News Arabia” by saying: “Ashour’s ambition is endless. Playing for Maitland is the first and not the last step in Europe. He wants to move to major clubs. He has talent and persistence, and he only lacks continuity and success to witness the brilliance of an Egyptian star.” New in the stadiums of the world.




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