In 40 minutes: 160 Israeli occupation aircraft dropped 450 missiles on Gaza Strip

Hebrew media revealed the details of the Israeli occupation decision taken by the Cabinet Cabinet regarding the calm in the Gaza Strip, following the ongoing aggression on the Strip five days ago.

Israel refuses the truce

The Hebrew Kan channel said that Israel had rejected the cease-fire and insisted on continuing its military operations in the Gaza Strip, noting that the Egyptian security delegation that visited Tel Aviv recently to discuss the truce returned to Cairo, empty-handed.

This comes in conjunction with what was revealed by the Saudi “Al-Arabiya” channel, at dawn on Friday, which confirmed that Egypt decided to freeze a number of files with Israel, in response to the latter’s occupation refusal to accept Egyptian mediation to start a truce in the Gaza Strip.

The channel, citing unnamed sources, said that the Egyptian delegation left Israel, with reservations about launching a large military operation.

She explained that the Egyptian delegation warned Israel against continuing the military operation and rejected the truce.

A year-long truce

The channel added that Egypt has offered the Israeli occupation a one-year truce, with Cairo to monitor and coordinate, in addition to Israel stopping settlements and supporting militants in storming Al-Aqsa Mosque.

According to the channel, the Egyptian delegation demanded the occupation to stop the assassinations targeting the resistance leaders in Gaza, stressing Egypt’s ability to bind the Palestinian factions to an agreement.

The channel said that the Egyptian offer of calm collided with an Israeli refusal, indicating that the occupation refused any mediation before eliminating the military wing of Hamas, according to the channel’s expression.!

Israel rejects a long-term armistice before the complete end of its military operations in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli attacks

A spokesman for the occupation army announced that 16,000 reserve soldiers would be called in, including 7,000 soldiers, who would support the Iron Dome system.

The Egyptian political leadership issued instructions to transfer critical injuries from Gaza for treatment in Egyptian hospitals.

While the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that the number of martyrs has risen to 109 and more than 600 injuries in the ongoing aggression since last Monday evening.

In the context, the occupation army revealed to Israel that 160 aircraft and Israeli artillery had participated in massive raids on the northern and eastern borders of the Gaza Strip.


The Israeli army indicated that the aim of these raids was to destroy tunnels owned by Hamas.

The Israeli army spokesman said: “About 160 aircraft participated from about 6 air bases and used about 450 missiles and shells to raid about 150 targets within about 40 minutes.”

And he indicated that the aim of the raids was to deliver a strong blow to Hamas’ underground interests, as he described it.

He added, “The tunnels are a strategic treasure for Hamas. We have dealt a heavy blow to many kilometers of tunnels in the northern Gaza Strip.”

In a separate context, the Israeli army said: that its air defenses were able to intercept a drone that launched from the Gaza Strip.

During the past hours, the Gaza Strip witnessed intensive bombardment operations towards a number of areas in the northern Gaza Strip, and other areas in the east of the strip.


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