IOF Kill Palestinian Heading to Work by Throwing Him off A roof

Israeli occupation forces brutally assault Hassan Rebhi Mansiya, dragging him to a building's roof before throwing him off it.

In a new heinous Israeli crime, occupation forces killed a Palestinian man by throwing him off a roof in the town of al-Dhahiriya, south of al-Khalil in the occupied West Bank.

Rebhi Mansiya’s father said his son was heading to work early this morning before being detained by IOF in Batn al-Aqra’ neighborhood.

Mansiya was among other workers in a vehicle on their way to their jobs when an Israeli force pursued them and blocked their path. 

According to the father, occupation soldiers chased his son into a building, where they detained him after brutally assaulting him. They then dragged him to the roof before pushing him off the building, leading to his martyrdom.

The Israeli aggression against the West Bank has skyrocketed since the launch of the war on Gaza last October.

A joint report issued by the Palestinian Prisoners Affairs Authority and the Palestinian Prisoners Club earlier this week revealed an alarming increase in the number of arrests since October 7, reaching 8480.

Palestinian towns and cities are subjected to daily raids, alongside extensive arrest campaigns, resulting in an increase in the number of martyrs and injuries from Resistance confrontations with the occupation forces.

The report primarily focused on imprisonment made among Palestinians residing in the occupied territories of the West Bank and Al-Quds, arrests that occur under various circumstances, including those detained from their homes, at military checkpoints, and those coerced into surrendering under pressure.

The data provided in the report comprises both current detainees and those who were subsequently released by occupation forces.

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