Iraqi president Barham Salih says ready to resign amid political row

Iraqi President Barham Salih on Thursday expressed his readiness to submit resignation to the parliament after he refused to appoint the candidate Asad al-Eidani as prime minister-designate, the Iraqi official television reported.

In a letter sent to the Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi, Salih rejected the nomination of al-Eidani by the Building coalition, formed by some winning blocs after the 2018 parliamentary elections, the state-run Iraqiya channel said.

In the letter, published by some local media, Salih said his position on the current nomination “may be considered a violation of the constitutional text,” so he was ready to resign from the post of the president.

Salih also said the nomination of al-Eidani was not welcomed by the protesters.

Political and parliamentary moves must always reflect the public will, meet the requirements of social security and peace, while providing good governance in line with people’s aspirations and sacrifices, Salih said in his letter.

According to the Iraqi constitution, the largest coalition in parliament should nominate a candidate for the vacant post to President Barham Salih who will task the new prime minister-designate to form a new cabinet.

Salih’s letter came amid a political row over who would be chosen as a new prime minister-designate to form an interim government ahead of early parliament elections.

Mass demonstrations in parts of Iraq led to the resignation of Abdul Mahdi and his government.


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