Israel is a reckless nuclear power; the world must act immediately

The clock is ticking, the danger is imminent, and everyone must stand up to their responsibilities.

Eight states and “Israel” are nuclear-armed, but the latter, along with India, Pakistan, and DPRK, does not officially recognize the possession of nuclear weapons.

“The elephant in the room” is a metaphor used in English to denote a clear and major issue, which is ignored and not addressed and is replaced by other issues discussed despite being marginal and less important.

This is exactly the case for the entity. It possesses hundreds of bombs and nuclear warheads, not to mention its chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction, yet this information has been denied by the entity for decades, and it adopted instead a policy of “nuclear ambiguity” and refused to allow any international bodies to inspect its suspicious sites as much as it refuses to abide by any international agreements that prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

“Israel” is believed to possess 90 nuclear warheads made of plutonium, with a production ability enough to make between 100 and 200 nuclear weapons. These projects are developed and sponsored by a group of institutes, the most important of which are the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion), the Weizmann Institute of Science, the Israel Atomic Energy Commission, and the Israel Society for Radiation Protection.

According to multiple studies, these weapons are located in seven sites, the most important of which is the famous Dimona site. It is said that all sites were built in locations close to Arab population areas. The Dimona reactor, which was built with French assistance in 1957 based on a secret agreement with the entity, has entered the stage of strategic danger due to the expiration of its life span 22 years ago.

Moreover, based on scientific reports and French and Russian satellite images published by Jane’s Intelligence Review magazine specialized in defense issues and published in London in 1999, the reactor building suffers from serious damage due to neutron radiation, which produces small gas bubbles inside the concrete supports of the building, making it susceptible to cracking and turning it into a potential source of a humanitarian disaster that could claim the lives of hundreds of thousands of victims, if not millions. Healthwise, experts maintain that the radiation leakage from the reactor is considered a source of cancer diseases, whether for the residents of the areas surrounding the reactor or workers inside it.

The Zionist entity is one of the few capable of using nuclear weapons on land, sea, and air, as it possesses nuclear bombs and nuclear-tipped missiles, as well as nuclear submarines capable of launching missiles from the sea. In light of the imbalance in the global balance of power and the uniqueness of the United States of America’s role as the policeman of the world, which is devoid of noble values and decent morals, it has been for decades a protector and a shield for this rogue entity, including its nuclear capabilities. While the United States pursues and sanctions any country that thinks of developing its nuclear capabilities, it gives full cover and protection to the rogue entity.

The most important aspect of our article today is that the idea of the entity’s possession of nuclear capabilities was a theoretical idea that worried the world because of the fear of using at any moment, at a time when the entity’s leadership has always claimed that this force is for deterrence, of course without directly admitting its possession, and that the entity is governed by institutions, tight work and decision systems that do not allow any margin of error.

In 2006, then-Zionist Prime Minister Ehud Olmert implicitly admitted – in an interview for a German television channel – that “Israel” possesses nuclear weapons by saying, “Can you say that the two things are equal when they (the Iranians) aspire to possess nuclear weapons like America, France, Israel, and Russia?” Former US President Jimmy Carter said, in statements published by the London newspaper Time, that “Israel” has 150 nuclear warheads, and “Tel Aviv” said that it is “not interested in responding to him.”

The world followed closely Mossad’s abduction of Moroccan-born nuclear technician Avigdor Vanunu from Britain via Italy to the entity after he handed over many documents about the nuclear reactor in Dimona. If this theoretical idea was previously marketable in any form, today we are facing a real danger before our eyes after hearing it from the leaders of the entity and its allies in the United States in the shadow of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on the glorious October 7. In October 2023, Revital “Tali” Gutleff, a member of the Knesset for the ruling Likud party, called for the use of a nuclear doomsday weapon against Gaza and leveling it to the ground, and was followed by Israeli Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu who did not rule out the possibility of dropping a nuclear bomb on the Gaza Strip, considering it “one way” to deal with the Strip back in November 2023 as he responded to a journalist’s question whether he expected “Israel” to drop “some kind of nuclear bomb tomorrow on Gaza.”

In May 2024, US Republican Senator Lindsey Graham endorsed these disastrous and insane proposals, asserting that “Israel has the right to level the Gaza Strip by using a nuclear weapon to end the military campaign, as his country did with the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the 1940s.” So we are faced with the fact that no lover of peace and goodness for humanity can turn his eyes away from or be preoccupied with any other issue, considering that we are dealing with an entity that possesses all weapons of mass destruction and a leadership that is out of control.

Some may claim that “Israel” is an institutionalized entity and will not allow these lunatics to reach the nuclear button, nor will the United States of America allow the entity to do so. However, Ben-Gvir is accused of direct participation in the assassination of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and is on terrorist lists around the world, including the United States, and even the Kach movement that gave birth to him was banned in the entity and included on terrorist lists?

Did anyone expect that the head of the settlement council in the West Bank, Naftali Bennett, would become the prime minister of the entity and have the “nuclear button” at his disposal by virtue of his position? So we are facing a state of emergency, not only for the Palestinians, but for all of humanity, and urgent action must be taken to dismantle this dangerous and insane system at the same time …

The clock is ticking, the danger is imminent, and everyone must stand up to their responsibilities…

Finally, thanks to the valiant resistance and our people who love peace and goodness for all who stood in defiance of this rogue phenomenon and pushed against it, despite the high and painful costs, to the point where it revealed its true nature, which it tried to hide for decades and promote instead a misleading image of its racist and fascist nature.

The opinions mentioned in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Al mayadeen, but rather express the opinion of its writer exclusively.

Basem Naim

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