Israeli settlers carry out terrorist attacks in Huwara, Nablus setting houses on fire

The Israeli occupation forces are assaulting Palestinians in Nablus while preventing ambulance crews from making it to the scene.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society reported late Sunday that illegal Israeli settlers launched raids in Huwara, Nablus, violently assaulting Palestinians while the Israeli occupation forces were preventing ambulance crews from making it to the scene.

The injuries were sustained as the Israeli occupation forces were providing protection for the illegal settlers while the latter were vandalizing the property of Palestinians, including arson, as Israelis were setting fire to Palestinian cars and homes.

Reportedly, as the IOF was preventing ambulance crews from accessing the scenes, the settlers were attacking the emergency vehicles.

“The situation in is highly dangerous as settlers are assaulting the locals who are demanding assistance.

The settlers are setting fire to Palestinians’ property in Huwara, so far burning down several homes and cars, our correspondent added.

Everything going on in Huwara is a promotional bid by Israeli occupation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, as it is expanding the settlement process and further “legitimizing” it, our reporter said, adding that Israeli settlers were calling on each other to take to Huwara, Nablus, and burn it to the ground.

The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Fatah’s military wing, declared a state of urgent general mobilization, calling on Palestinians to “attack the Zionist enemy and confront the settlers.”

Furthermore, our correspondent reported that a Palestinian was martyred in the midst of an Israeli settler raid on the village of Za’tara, noting that the raid saw settlers setting the village’s Burin School on fire.

Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades said that in solidarity with the people of Huwara, “Our fighters had just targeted the Al-Jabaa checkpoint and an IOF guard tower in Surif.”

Furthermore, Fatah called on its supporters to rally and confront the illegal Israeli settlers that were attacking the Palestinian people of Nablus.

“The situation in Huwara will push the resistance to fight more against the occupation and its settlement process,” Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement spokesperson Daoud Shehab said while commenting on the Israeli occupation’s aggression in the West Bank and occupied Al-Quds.

“Those calling for de-escalation want to absolve the Israeli occupation of its crimes,” Shehab added.

Concurrently, the Palestinian Authority condemned the “terrorist acts carried out by settlers under the protection of the occupation forces in Hawara, Burin, and Einabus.”

Israeli media reported earlier on Sunday that two settlers were killed with an M-16 rifle in a shooting operation near the town of Huwara, Nablus, in the occupied West Bank.

Israeli Channel 12 reported that the one behind the operation rammed the car of the two Israelis, then got out of his car, shot them then left the scene. The channel indicated that the Israeli occupation forces went to the area and are now looking for him.

Following the incident, Yoav Gallant, the occupation’s Minister of Security, stated, “We will soon conduct an assessment of the situation and take decisions regarding the Aqaba summit.”

The head of the settlement council in the northern West Bank described the process that took place in Huwara as “difficult”.

In the same context, the head of the regional council, Yossi Dagan, called on the government to turn the tables on the Palestinian Authority and launch a military operation.

Hamas spokesperson Abdullatif Qanou told our reporters that the Aqaba summit gave the green light to the Israeli occupation to commit crimes against Palestinians.

Qanou underlined that security service personnel in Nablus were required to engage against the Israeli occupation and settlers in light of the latest Israeli aggression.





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