Jordanian King warns of repercussions of not reaching a political agreement in Syria

What are the dimensions of the Jordanian King Abdullah II’s announcement that he seeks, during his visit to Washington, to provide solutions to the Syrian crisis, and that the solution in Syria will be reflected in the region and Jordan in particular?

Regarding what the Jordanian king said that his country seeks to provide solutions to the Syrian crisis in cooperation with the Arab brothers and the international community for the return of Syria to the Arab embrace, Youssef says that this relieves Jordan a lot of the feeling that it is going against the trend and relieves pressure on it because it deals with the Syrian state.

Political analyst Ghassan Youssef told RT that Jordan is aware of the specificity of the relationship with Syria. When the latter is healthy, it can supply Jordan with foodstuffs, and Jordan will be a corridor between Syria and the Gulf states, and this will bring great returns to Jordan.

Youssef says that the Jordanian monarch is the first Arab leader to meet with US President Joe Biden. “If he has positive ideas for the relationship with Syria, I think they will be reflected on both Syria and Jordan. Any positive development on the Syrian interior and the economic situation in Syria will reflect positively on Jordan.”

Youssef points out that the King of Jordan has good relations with Washington, and you should listen to what he says because he knows what is happening in the region and knows that the Syrian crisis has someone to support it, and it has almost reached its end, with the presence of large countries standing by Syria, which was recently reinforced by a visit Chinese Foreign Minister to Damascus.

Youssef points out that Biden has not shown anything clear from him so far towards Syria, except in two issues: the first is the air strikes on the auxiliary forces in Deir ez-Zor, and the second is the approval to extend the aid mechanism through the Bab al-Hawa crossing, and that there be monitoring and that aid enter through the Syrian state This was a positive sign.

Youssef concludes by emphasizing that any positive relationship between Syria and Jordan and what is between them and the neighboring countries will reflect stability on the region and on Jordan and will open the way for the return of economic cooperation between those countries: (Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon), and between the “Al-Sham Alliance” which was announced during the meeting of both The leaders of Iraq, Jordan and Egypt, who said that there would be an alliance or a bloc of al-Sham, and that Damascus is the heart of al-Sham.

What has been proven to everyone is that chaos in Syria is not in anyone’s interest, and the statements of the Jordanian monarch reflect that.


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