Libya: Protesters give Fayez al-Sarraj 24 hours to leave

Demonstrations against the Libyan National Accord Government denouncing the living conditions in the capital Tripoli, and the absence of basic services such as water, electricity and others continue for the third day in a row.

While the protesters cling to the demand to leave the Accord Government headed by Fayez al-Sarraj and fight corruption in the country, the factions loyal to the Accord did not seem to find anything other than waving down the road.

Despite al-Sarraj’s promises to make ministerial reshuffles, which he described as “important” and his accusation of “infiltrators” of sabotaging the demands of the demonstrations, the Movement’s organizers insist on continuing to demonstrate until their demands are met, calling on all Libyan cities to join them in order to unify the voice against what is happening in the country.

A statement attributed to the August 23rd Movement bearing No. 1 gave the Presidency Council of the National Accord Government and the State Council 24 hours to announce their resignations out of respect for the will of the people.

It also announced seeking to carry out a civil disobedience in all the streets of the capital and to close the neighborhoods in case the protesters’ demands were rejected.

In addition, it called for the immediate release of the detained youths to the Accord, explaining that “citizens in Tripoli are without electricity, water, liquidity, while the mercenaries get their salaries in dollars.”

Arab Observer

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