Libyan National Army denies Ukrainian allegations of sending mercenaries to Kyiv

Libyan National Army (LNA) denied on Monday allegation of sending Libyan mercenaries to fight alongside Russian forces in the Ukrainian conflict.

Major General Khaled Mahjoub, an LNA media official, told The Libya Update that the army “has nothing to do whatsoever with the Ukrainian war.”

“The Libyan National Army is preoccupied with combating terrorism and the mafias of human smuggling in Libya, especially on the southern border of the country,” Mahjoub said.

“The transfer of military mercenaries is likely to be carried out at the expense of the private military company “League” (formerly “Wagner”) [via] aircraft of the Russian Air Force,” said the Ukrainian ministry.

The Ukrainian defense ministry claimed on Sunday that “an agreement was reached to send Libyan “volunteers” to Ukraine to take part in hostilities on the side of the Russian Federation” following a recent visit to Moscow by LNA’s Commander Khalifa Haftar to Moscow.

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