List of “terrorist persons and entities” was created in Algeria

Algeria decided, on Sunday, to create a “national list of terrorist persons and entities”, days after designating two movements on the list of “terrorist organizations”, in a new security measure less than a month before the legislative elections.

She stressed that the aim of the amendment is to “strengthen the legal system to combat terrorism, especially by creating a national list of terrorist persons and entities,” according to the statement.

And the Algerian presidency announced, in a statement after a meeting of the Council of Ministers, chaired by President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, that the Council had approved “a draft order that includes the amendment of Order No. 66-156 of June 8, 1966, which includes the Penal Code.”

On May 18, the Supreme Security Council classified the separatist organization “The Kabylia Independence Movement” and the Islamic “Rashad” movement, which are active abroad against the regime, on the list of “terrorist organizations”.

Algerian law defines terrorism as “every act that targets state security, national unity, territorial integrity, and the stability and normal functioning of institutions.”

The Security Council explained the resolution as “hostile and incitement acts committed by the two movements that aim to destabilize the country and undermine its security.”

“Leaders of terrorist organizations” are punishable by death, while “every Algerian who activates or engages abroad in a terrorist or subversive association, group, or organization, whatever its form or designation” is punishable by life imprisonment.

At the end of March, the Algerian judiciary issued four international arrest warrants against four activists abroad accused of belonging to a terrorist group, including the former diplomat residing in the United Kingdom, Mohamed Larbi Zitout (57 years), one of the founders of the “Rashad” movement in 2007.


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