Media Office: ”Israel is Killing 15 Gazans Per Hour”

The government media office in Gaza warns against the ongoing and escalating incitement by "Israel" against hospitals in Gaza.

Dozens of Palestinians were killed in a series of intense Israeli airstrikes on the 32nd day of the occupation’s aggression on the Gaza Strip.

More than 20 people were killed in Israeli airstrikes that targeted 5 houses and the Intervention and Public Safety Forces Center in the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

The number of martyrs from al-Rayati family has risen to 21 in the shelling of their house in al-Janina neighborhood in southern Rafah in the Gaza Strip, as reported by our correspondent.

Concurrently, more than 40 people, including martyrs and wounded, arrived at Nasser Hospital following the deliberate targeting of al-Astal family’s house in the center of Khan Yunis city in the southern Gaza Strip.

Additionally, many were martyred and injured in Israeli airstrikes that targeted the vicinity of the Kamal Adwan Hospital and Al-Quds Hospital in the Gaza Strip. Israeli warplanes also launched intense airstrikes very close to the Indonesian Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, our correspondent reported that the area around al-Shati’ refugee camp and al-Karama neighborhood is witnessing violent confrontations against the invading Israeli forces alongside intense Israeli airstrikes and shelling.

At the same time, our correspondent reported hearing explosions and confrontations on the outskirts of Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza in the Gaza Valley.

‘Israel’ is killing 6 Palestinian children per hour

The Gaza government media office revealed that hospitals have been receiving an average of one injured person per minute since the start of the aggression and 15 martyrs per hour. The average of children martyrs is six per hour, while female martyrs is five per hour.

Additionally, a significant 70% of Gaza’s population has been forcibly displaced from their homes due to the persistent bombardment and airstrikes.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health has stated that the healthcare system in Gaza has completely collapsed and is unable to save the lives of the wounded and patients. They have called for the immediate provision of a safe humanitarian corridor to allow the entry of medical supplies, fuel, and the transfer of the wounded. The Ministry also called for the provision of food, water, and other essentials for the medical teams working in hospitals.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military continues to target civilian infrastructure, including solar power panels in the main building of al-Shifa Medical Complex. Half of Gaza’s hospitals and 62% of primary healthcare centers are effectively out of service. Around 50% of residential units in Gaza have been damaged due to airstrikes and bombings, with 10% of them completely destroyed or rendered uninhabitable.

In addition, the media office emphasized that Gaza is currently suffering from severe famine. Citizens spend more than 4 hours to obtain bread and an additional 3 hours to access water, while the Israeli occupation continues to target water sources in an attempt to deprive civilians of necessities for survival.

The media office warned against the ongoing and escalating incitement by the Israeli military against hospitals in Gaza. They pointed out that repeated attacks on safe civilian facilities will lead to a repetition of the massacre committed by the occupation in the al-Ahli Baptist Hospital.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health has announced that the death toll from the aggression on Gaza has risen to over 10,000 martyrs, with 70% of them being women and children.

Israeli airstrikes have concentrated around residential areas and civilian infrastructure, destroying essential facilities, including bakeries, water filtration systems, fuel depots, hospitals, and schools. “Israel” is yet to be held accountable for its continuous violation of international law and covenants, as the United States continues to block any condemnation of the occupation’s actions in UN Security Council sessions. 

Instead, the Biden administration has opted to equip the occupation with US-made bombs to amass its civilian kill count.

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