Reasons behind Macron’s attack against Muslims, Shocking details!!

The Kuwaiti media, Aisha Al-Rasheed, revealed the reasons for the attack of French President Macron against Islam, and the publicly directed insult to the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, that angered the Islamic world.

In exclusive statements to Echo of the Country, Al-Rasheed explained that the French president’s relationship with the Jewish Rothschild family is the keyword, as the lineage relationship that binds him to them and his being their agent in implementing policies when he rose to power so quickly after he was an ordinary, obscure employee. That the beginning for Macron was when the Masonic lodge supported Macron to run in the presidential elections before its launch in 2016 through a document issued by the Paris Masonic lodge, which includes the full support of Freemasonry for the French president, which clearly proves his rise from an ordinary employee to a high-ranking employee in the Rothschild Jewish Zionist group Masonry.

She drew attention to the danger of the Rothschild family, as it is the founder of the New World Order and the richest family in the world that controls half of the world’s wealth and mainly belongs to German assets, and also owns the World Bank by heredity, which is financed by rich countries, and it is considered the ultimate command for all the world’s banks and is responsible for the US dollar and also owns Federal Reserve Bank.

She added: This matter was neither a coincidence nor a success, but he was appointed Minister of Economy in the previous government and then President of France, noting that the recent French elections witnessed the first global public appearance of the name of the Jew David Rene Rothschild, one of the most dangerous leaders of the Masonic gang in the world as the head of the financial group that Macron works with it before he is chosen president of France and becomes a front for its true rulers, the Rothschild family.

The Kuwaiti media pointed out that the wars that are going on in the world are the fuel to ignite them because they represent a source of their wealth and are afraid of peace that causes them to stagnate, and also owns major media stations such as CNN and BBC, and also owns Hollywood, satellites, the right to buy broadcasts and control the pharmaceutical market. The global drug mafia is in the world.

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