Muslim Brotherhood Guide “Position” Ignites the Internal Conflicts

A new chapter of the conflict made its way to the “Muslim Brotherhood”, casting more doubts about the future of the organization.

That new chapter, which came after stormy secret deliberations and shuttle visits between the rival Brotherhood fronts, during the past days, to agree on a personality to manage what remains of the group’s future, was written by the London front with its intention to “appoint” the leader in the organization of Sayyid Qutb Salah Abdel-Haq as general guide (chargé d’affaires). ) to succeed Ibrahim Al-Mounir, who passed away in early November.

According to the sources of “Al-Ain News”, the news seemed very secretive and secret, and leaked to the public, revealing the intention of the London Front to “appoint” Salah Abdel-Haq, the leader in Sayyid Qutb’s organization, as General Guide (chargé d’affaires).

Negotiations fail

That step revealed the failure of the negotiations between the London and Istanbul fronts, which were led by leaders in the organization, to propose any of the prominent figures on the two fronts to lead the “Brotherhood” in the next stage, whether Mahmoud Hussein from the Istanbul front, who a few days ago appointed himself a general guide, or Hilmi al-Jazzar from London front.

According to “Al-Ain News” sources, the failure of reconciliation attempts between the conflicting Brotherhood parties is due to Mahmoud Hussein’s adherence to his right to lead the group, in exchange for Mounir’s insistence on expelling him, in addition to the cessation of wise men such as Muhammad Ahmed Al-Rashed, who retired from the Muslim Brotherhood, claiming that “we are in the era of sedition.” for presenting their initiatives.

However, the signs of that “failure” appeared a few days ago, with the appointment of Mahmoud Hussein himself as acting guide, based on the text of Article 5 of the Brotherhood’s list, which states that (in the event of compulsive impediments that prevent the general guide from carrying out his duties, he shall be replaced by his first deputy, then the senior So the oldest of the deputies, then the oldest and then the oldest of the members of the Guidance Office)”, which is rejected by the London Front, which assigned leader Mohieddin Al-Zait earlier to run its business temporarily, before its decision to appoint Salah Abdel-Haq as Chargé d’Affairs.

What are the scenes behind choosing Salah Abdel-Haq?

Al-Ain News sources say that after the apology of the leaders of the London Front, Muhammad Abdel-Moati Al-Jazzar and Muhammad Al-Desouki for health reasons, and Muhammad Al-Buhairi’s hesitation in leading the group, the front considered that Salah Abdel-Haq, a member of the 1965 organization, and accused No. 33 in the first case with Sayyid Qutb and leaders The organization is the most appropriate to lead it at the current stage, provided that Muhyiddin al-Zait assumes responsibility for the Egyptian organization internally and externally, and Mahmoud al-Ibiari as Secretary-General of the international organization.

Although the appointment of the London front, Salah Abd al-Hadi as general guide, is not final; Due to some requests to postpone the announcement until the end of this month, after the completion of the World Cup activities, so that the media can devote itself to following up on the pledge of allegiance to the new guide, the Mahmoud Hussein front announced its rejection of the London front’s decision, claiming that it is illegal and in violation of the regulations.

The selection of the London Front, Salah Abd al-Sadiq, as General Guide (character) is a “quiet” attempt to choose a person who has no objections to him, as he is suitable and acceptable to all parties.

And while silence prevailed on the pages of the London Front regarding the appointment of the new guide, the media spokesperson for the affiliated Istanbul Front, Iman Mahmoud, and the media spokesperson Ahmed Assem, were present, announcing the position of the front to which they belong and rejecting the decision of the London Front, whose broadcast was postponed.

Who is Salah Abdel Hadi?

  • From the generation of Muhammad Badi’, the General Guide, Mahmoud Ezzat, Muhammad Al-Buhairi, and Muhammad Abdel-Moati Al-Jazzar.
  • Qutbi believes in the “ignorance of society” and change by armed force.
  • He was accused in Sayyid Qutb’s Organization Case No. 33, while he was still a student at the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University.
  • He was sentenced – at that time – to ten years in prison, which he spent, then he traveled to the Sultanate of Oman at the beginning of the stage of the Brotherhood’s spread in the Gulf, then he settled in Saudi Arabia for a long period.
  • From the generation of the sixties who attended the ordeal of imprisonment (in the custom of the Brotherhood).
  • He is distinguished by his educational and advocacy skills, and he was not known to hold senior administrative positions in the organization.
  • He is a member of the group’s Shura Council.. He did not engage in any struggle over leadership or money.
  • He was not known to have a jurisprudential or political opinion contrary to the group’s choices.
  • He undertook some educational work in the international organization.
  • He did not admit the group’s mistakes and did not revise his thoughts.
  • Qutbi is close to the international organization, close to its leaders
  • He assumed the education department in the Brotherhood organization during his stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • He undertook educational and advocacy work for the elements of the Brotherhood, in which the principles and constants of the group are consolidated.

While observers say, it was the generation of the seventies who reorganized the Brotherhood to the fore, but the struggle of hidden generations took place within the group in the era of Mustafa Mashhour, in which the generation of the Qutubs won after their alliance together against the generation of the seventies.

According to observers, many Brotherhood members believe that the generation of the sixties and the Qutubs are the only remaining generation deserving of leadership, due to the end of the generation of the (private) armed secret organization, while both generations believe in armed change to reach power.



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