Netanyahu Vows to Turn Gaza Into ‘Ruins’

The Israeli PM urged civilians to leave the territory, warning the war with Hamas “will take time” and be “difficult”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged a strong response to a significant attack by the Palestinian group Hamas in southern Israel.

In a televised address, he expressed his determination to retaliate and target all locations used by Hamas until they are reduced to ruins.

Netanyahu referred to Gaza as “the city of evil” and called on civilians to evacuate the densely populated area, home to around 2 million people.

Netanyahu stated, “We will destroy every place where Hamas hides and operates. Leave immediately.”

He emphasized that the Israeli government unanimously supported this decision and that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) would utilize its full strength to eliminate Hamas’ capabilities. He also cautioned that Israel was entering a challenging and protracted conflict.

The latest escalation between Hamas and Israel commenced with a major attack launched by Hamas from Gaza.

The militant group targeted multiple locations in southern Israel, infiltrating military installations and breaching the border in several areas.

During these attacks, Israeli military equipment was destroyed or captured, and soldiers and civilians were killed or taken as prisoners, as seen in online footage.

Throughout the day, hostilities persisted, with Hamas firing numerous rockets deep into Israeli territory.

In response, Israel conducted multiple airstrikes in Gaza, targeting several tall buildings allegedly used by Hamas. Netanyahu characterized the situation as a “war” and announced the mobilization of reservists to bolster the country’s military forces.

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