Nicolas Maduro: Israeli crimes have surpassed Holocaust

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro draws parallels between the Holocaust and what the Israeli occupation is currently doing in Gaza.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has condoned the United Nations Secretary-General’s recent statements against the unprecedented massacre of children in the Gaza Strip.

During his weekly program titled “With Maduro and More”, Maduro stated that the Israeli occupation’s crimes against Palestinians “have surpassed the Holocaust, where millions of Jews were annihilated in Nazi detention camps in Germany.”

He emphasized that “these genocidal acts are reminiscent of the massacres committed by Hitler against the Jewish people, of the “abhorrent and condemned Holocaust”. He warned of the danger of remaining silent in the face of such acts of genocide.

Drawing parallels with the “Nazi era”, Maduro urged vigilance against the resurgence of the new far-right seeking global dominance. He asserted that in “Tel Aviv”, there exists a racist Nazi far-right, calling for preparedness to defend true humanitarian values against the rising far-right worldwide.

Maduro called on people around the world to take to the streets and pressure for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, advocating for the punishment of its perpetrators through justice.

This is not the first time Maduro has raised his voice in support of Palestine and Gaza amid the brutal Israeli aggression. He recently reposted a message on the X platform urging the world to reach a peace agreement in Palestine that would stop the war.

Maduro emphasized that the world can only put an end to these heinous crimes against humanity by standing together in unity.

Venezuela stands with Palestine and Palestinians

Last week, Maduro said during his weekly program , on November 14, that “the world must stay in the streets because we must win this battle for the right to life and land, and the establishment of a Palestinian state.” 

Earlier this month, Maduro pointed out that “Israel” is bombing hospitals in Gaza, killing patients, the wounded, and people left homeless.

He also noted that “Israel” had destroyed a mosque that was over a thousand years old, an Orthodox Catholic church, and attacked refugee camps.

He also pointed out that the Israeli occupation has “instilled an ideology even more dangerous than Nazism, initially targeting the Palestinian people and subsequently affecting Arab, Islamic, and Christian communities.”

In a statement, Caracas reminded Herzog of the war crimes committed by “Israel”, which will be prosecuted “sooner or later under the umbrella of international law,” according to the statement. It mentioned that Venezuela joins Latin American countries calling for an immediate cessation of the Israeli aggression and their Nazi-style approach against the Palestinian people.

Venezuela had previously condemned on November 16 the “derisive statements” made by Israeli President Isaac Herzog, criticizing the dignified stance taken by Latin American countries toward the genocide committed against the noble Palestinian people.

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