Popular petition calling for an investigation into the wealth of Rashid Ghannouchi: Tunisia

A popular petition in Tunisia called for an investigation into the sources of the wealth of the President of the Renaissance Movement and the President of the Tunisian Parliament, Rashid Ghannouchi.

The petition was launched by many Tunisian political activists and academic figures in order to verify the sources of funding for the President of the Ennahda Movement and the sources of his wealth.

The popular petition demanding the investigation of Ghannouchi’s wealth exceeded about 5,000 signatures within a period not exceeding 24 hours.

The signatories of the petition called for the necessity of “investigating in a serious and transparent manner the wealth and sources of Al-Ghanoushi”, and called for the formation of an independent committee that includes in its membership Tunisian organizations such as the General Tunisian Labor Union, the Bar Association and the Tunisian League for the Defense of Human Rights.

It came in The text of the petition, which RT read, “In the last 9 years, he has become one of the richest people in Tunisia.”

As stated in the text of the petition, which met a wide interaction of activists on the site “Facebook”: “Rashid Ghannouchi returned to Tunisia in 2011, and no activity was known to him before or after this date except in the political field, and despite not practicing any economic or commercial work, he In 9 years, he has become one of the richest people in Tunisia, and media sources have estimated his wealth at a billion dollars, while other media sources are talking about an amount equal to 8 times this number, which is equivalent to one fifth of the Tunisian state’s budget, so how can he have this wealth?

They added that, “Considering that Rashid Rashid Ghannouchi is the leader of one of the largest representative parties in Parliament, and considering that he is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and given the prevalence of corruption in the state and society, and given the large number of suspicious foreign funds that come to the Tunisian country with the title of charitable work and associations, and considering the intersection of these Funds often with terrorist organizations and suspicious political agendas, it has become imperative that investigations be conducted in all seriousness and transparency in the wealth of Mr. Rashid Ghannouchi and its sources.

The signatories of the petition demanded the formation of an independent committee consisting of national organizations that had previously secured national files of heavy volume.

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