President Saied reveals attempts of foreign interference in Tunisia affairs

Tunisian President Kais Saied revealed, on Friday, that there are attempts to interfere in his country’s affairs from some external parties, stressing the need to adhere to national sovereignty.

This came during a meeting with Prime Minister Naglaa Boden about the state’s financial balances and the general situation in the country, in which Saeed indicated that these external parties do not know the reality of the situation or deliberately ignore it.

He also reaffirmed the necessity of applying the law to everyone, and working to purify the country from those involved in corruption and emptying state coffers.

It is noteworthy that during the past weeks, Tunisia witnessed a massive campaign of arrests, including first-rank politicians, activists, trade unionists, media professionals, and other influential personalities, on charges of plotting against state security and attempting to carry out a coup against the government, as well as involvement in financial corruption cases.

Saied said that the arrests come within the framework of accountability and the application of the law, and that a number of those arrested are involved in plotting against the internal and external security of the state, and in fabricating crises related to the distribution of goods and raising prices.

So far, the judiciary specialized in combating terrorism in Tunisia has issued an order to imprison the influential businessman Kamal Latif, the leaders of the Ennahda Movement Abdel Hamid Jelassi and Noureddine Al-Behairi, the director of “Mosaique” Radio Noureddine Boutar, the political activist Khayam al-Turki, and a number of members of the opposition “Salvation Front” and others.




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