Protests in Paris Condemns the Turkish Invasion of Northern Iraq

Hundreds of protesters gathered in central Paris today to denounce the Turkish invasion of northern Iraq and the “deafening silence” of the international community in the face of the new military operation “Down with the fascist regime in Turkey!”.

“Silence, they are bombing Kurdistan!”

The march was organized by the Kurdish Diaspora with the participation of the Armenian community of France.

“Turkish expansion under Erdogan is going on and it is a threat: we saw it in Syria, we saw it in Nagorno-Karabakh, we saw it in the eastern Mediterranean, we saw it in Libya. “The threat does not come from the Kurds,” said Agit Polat, a spokesman for the KuTurkeyrdish Democratic Council, which includes 26 organizations from the Turkish diaspora in France.

Turkey has been conducting a new military operation in northern Iraq since the end of April against the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party), an armed group considered terrorist by Turkey and its Western allies.

“It has been 72 days since this operation began and there is a deafening silence from the international community,” he added. “We warn France, but also the UN: Iraq’s territorial integrity is being violated by Turkey under the guise of the fight against terrorism, Turkey is trying to justify itself with this argument. “France must break its silence on Turkey.”

Ankara accuses Iraq of inaction and says it had no choice but to wage war on Iraqi soil against the PKK.

The PKK, for its part, believes that Turkey wants to repeat in Syria the scenario of Syria, where Ankara has conducted three military operations since 2016 to occupy an area of ​​more than 2.000 square kilometers. in the northern part of the country.


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